We worked long and hard yesterday, then got up today and worked longer and harder (and I have the blisters all over my hands and fingers to prove it!)

While working I had Season 2 of Project Runway playing on the DVD, and that gave me a terrific sense of urgency. We had folks coming by at 3:45 for their 2nd look, and we were DETERMINED to get rid of the carpet and get the stairs beautiful by the time they arrived. The carpet on the stairs was the one really SORE point that was troublesome in the house, the only thing I could tell our agent wasn’t thrilled about when she did her walkthrough before the open house, and the one thing the other agents had mentioned as they came through the house.

We accomplished it, but it was hard on the knees and harder on the hands! Pulling out the double nail lathe (what IS that stuff called?) was the hardest part, but sanding and painting was hard, too. Just bending over, kneeling, crouching for extended periods was rough – but the results are worth it!

Here’s a little step by step of what we did the the steps between 6:00 pm on Saturday and 3:00 pm on Sunday.

So we’ll be waiting with baited breath to hear how the folks liked the house on visit #2. In the mean time, does anyone have any information on Red Wing, MN?

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