When Life Gives You Lemons…

Refrigerate them.
Just a thought.

Thank Goodness for St. Joseph
I’ve heard – as has just about anyone who has sold a house – that if you plant a statue of St. Joseph upside down in your lawn you’ll sell your house incredibly quickly.

Now, we’re not in a big rush – as a matter of fact, if the house sells, dandy, but if not, we’ll still be in a place we love. So I don’t know what posessed me to order St. Joseph online, but he showed up today along with a testimonial scroll

“I’m not Catholic, but who am I to argue with success?” reads one of the comments.

Also included was a prayer to recite every day for 9 days or until the house sells.

Gerry said we should just plant a bottle of aspirin.

So today – Rosh Hashana – our Jewish / Methodist family planted a Catholic saint in our yard under the daisies. THIS is life in South Orange!

And what do you know? As soon as I planted it our real estate agent called to say that a couple who’d come to the open house wanted to come by for a 2nd look, and then another realtor called and wanted to bring folks by in an hour. Of course we said “YES!” and scampered around, tidying up the house and making ourselves scarce by 5:00 pm. We went to Maplewood and got pizza. We came back at 5:45 (the realtor said they’d be gone at 5:30) and they were still here. Luckily, only I came in to see if the coast was clear, and as I was fleeing who should come up the walk but Mr. Butkis with a bunny in his mouth. Poor bunny.

As I deposed the rabbit corpse into the trash at the side of the house I thought, “Thank heaven I saw the bunny first and not the realtor or prospective buyers!”

So we drove to the park and ate our pizza. Then we came home and ripped the carpeting off of the stairs and the lathe beneath it. My hands are covered in blisters, I’m exhausted, and tomorrow we have to paint the stair risers before the next batch comes through in the afternoon. We will – but why on earth did we get a bee in our bonnet do to that?

Off to bed – I’ll dream of painters blue masking tape wrapped around St. Joseph.

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