Men Seldom Make Passes

I had the best time last night – what a rowdy and great bunch of women inhabit Westchester! The only thing missing from my trip to Chappequa was a visit to Starbucks and a brush with BC (give ’em hell!!)

When I give a lecture as opposed to teaching a class, it’s better that I not be able to see everyone very clearly. I try to read faces, tell if folks are bored silly or just grinning, and it’s just better for all involved if I can’t see folks too clearly. Here’s the view from my perspective:

That’s Raina in the incredibly well-fitting pink capelet, she was afraid I didn’t recognize her, but here she is for everyone to see – Hi, Raina!!

For the first time in months I don’t have a knitting deadline staring me in the face. I turned in the floral dress to Vogue today, it should arrive tomorrow, and now I start on my 2005 Taxes. We’ve filed for extentions, it’s not a big deal (we always get some $ back) but I’ve never filed THIS late in a year… What can I say – it’s been very, very busy. Luckily I’m pretty organized and I have all of my information, I just need to compile it in an understandable way and then turn the whole thing over to our accountant, St. Maggie. Lots of saints are popping up these days – perhaps St. Paul, too?

Thanks so much for the Red Wing info – your comments and emails gave me the skinny I was looking for; details you can’t get except from folks who’ve lived in – or visited – a community. We saw a really groovy house online and it’s in Red Wing. We mentioned it to our MN realtor and he thought it was great, too (just what we’d been looking for, except 60 miles away…)

At this point Gerry doesn’t even have a job in MN. Depending on circumstances he may just be Mr. Mom for a bit after we move. But one step at a time – first to sell this old house!

Our agent will be having a second broker showing next week to show off our new beautiful stairs to the agents in the area. Apparently the carpet was the one sore point that the other agents commented on, so she’s anxious for them to see the improvement. Even so, three of the couples who saw the house have come back for a second look, and we hear that one of them may want to come back this weekend… But with the latest news this week, folks are hesitant to jump into a house (and I don’t blame them!) so folks are thinking hard before making a decision.

I’m just giddy with the knowledge that outside of taxes and some writing projects I’m working on, the knitting oyster sits in front of me, just waiting to be cracked open! I can pick up any yarn and any needles and knit to my little hearts content – what a luxury THAT is for me! Hmmmmm, I think I’ll just glide into some Artyarns Cashmere to get started…

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