Project Funway

I’m having a moment, you’ll have to excuse me. I just discovered two days ago that I can DOWNLOAD the current season of Project Runway from itunes. So what have I been doing for the past 2 days? Yes, knitting and watching PROJECT RUNWAY!! I HAVE GOT TO GET ON THAT SHOW! As soon as someone hears if they’re having a season 4, let me know – I tend to be way out of the loop on these things…

Away for the Weekend

I went to a knitting retreat once – it was a Camp Stitches in 2000 (I think…) and I had a blast. Every retreat I’ve been to since then has been a teaching event, which I also love, but which is quite different.

When you’re at a retreat as an instructor you have to be “on” whenever you’re in public – answering questions, being gracious, listening to a lot of stories about knitting disasters and triumphs – and that’s actually all very enjoyable. But it is wearying, and after a day at a retreat I just want to retreat!

I’m so glad that I have a private room – I can just hide away after classes, before dinner, and rest! I’m looking forward to it. It’s out in Western NJ – I haven’t been there in a while – but today will be a good driving day and I’m getting all packed up and ready to go!

5:37 Update
I arrived at the Jonsonburg Presbyterian Center to discover that – oops – I needed to bring sheets. Oy. Apparently I was sent a confirmation letter with this info (and I’m sure I was) but there was a period there at the end of August / start of Sept when we didn’t have interenet for a few days, and that was a bummer.

More of a bummer is that little by little I’m discovering email that was sent to me that I didn’t get – apparently this email was one of the missing. They offered to scrounge up some sheets and pillows, but I live about 30 miles away and – to be totally honest – I just feel better getting my own sheets and pillowcase and comfortor. I’m kind of a sheet snob (although not as snobbish as Martha, don’t you know… She only sleeps on 300+ count sheets) and generally when I travel I DO take my own pillow (why not today? Who knows – maybe because it’s been a while since I did an overnight gig)

So I’m home, which is nice because I get another few hugs and kisses from the husband and kids before I’m off, checking my email quickly and updating my blog. As soon as the traffic thins a bit I’ll get back on the road – back to Johnsonburg. Evidently I REALLY like to drive.

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