Chipmunks & Squirrels

It was absolutely lovely up in Johnsonburg at the Presbyterian Retreat Center – what a great weekend and a terrific bunch of women! The North Country Spinners invited me almost 2 years ago, and I’d been looking forward to this for quite a while!

Except for the sheet mishap – not such a big deal – everything went SO smoothly! It was SO obvious that Mina – the main organizer – and the committee setting up this fiesta had done their share of the work PLUS much, much more! And anything that was missing or not quite right was noted – I have total faith that anything that might have been forgotton will be on Mina’s list for next year. Mina for Governor!

I taught a 6 hour Combination Knitting Class on Saturday, and because it was so much longer than I generally teach I threw in a lot of extra stuff (some cabling, embellishment, a lot of discussion about decreasing a lots of jokes – those were free…) The class seemed to have a great time – I know the squirrels and chipmonks were gathered expectantly outside the door, waiting for pearls of wisdom or maybe some corn nuts, every time I’d turn around fast. Ha, they thought I didn’t see them…

I decided to drive home on Sat evening since I could be back in South Orange in 40 minutes, and I really DO love my own bed. I love my bed. I’m a Virgo – we love our homes, and as exciting as it is to see lots of places and meet all these great knitters, any chance I have to stay in my own lovely bed with my own lovely husband I’ll take!

Today I scooted back up and taught a lace class – I was so proud of the students (several of whom were rather new knitters) and I feel that everyone got something good out of my forced chart reading (obviously I was a severe school marm in a past life – a school marm who must have had an affair with a Catskill comedian…)

And now I’m home – resting – and spending FAR too much time this afternoon on the computer setting up my brand new…

Mailing List
I’ve threatened for years, hemmed and hawed for months, but now I am finally putting together a REAL mailing list for customers, well-wishers and students! Click here to subscribe to the brand new Annie Modesitt Newsletter

I don’t plant to send out a LOT of email – just notices when I have a book published or something smashing is happening (like my next Knitty Gritty appearance this Thursday, or if I get to be on Project Runway) and the service I’ll be using is supposed to allow me to isolate my list members by zip code and just write to folks when I’m visiting their state.

One Day VK Challenge
…and, as if to answer my plea for a PRW-esque design challenge, I got an email from VK on Friday asking for some specific-ish designs in several categories (a lot of us got the email, not just me) so I’m settling in to work up some bathing suit designs to send off to them on Monday. I’m really excited about this – I hope they take a suit or two!

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