SO Darned Tired!

It’s been a full and rich day – a good day – and I’m exhausted!

I’m in Chicago (acutally, St. Charles) at the Pheasant Run Resort. It’s nice here – my room is absolutely lovely – and I just taught a HUGE class of very eager, happy and enthusiastic students. EXCELLENT class!

My flight was delayed – we spent more time on the runway and in a holding pattern than we did coming to Chicago from NJ. It felt like forever – oy! I did get a nice amount of work done on the plane, but MAN what a mess it is trying to cram my long legs into those spaces between the coach seats! When I sit my knees touch the seat in front of me, and if the person in that seat leans back, I’m in pain. Let’s just say it was a LONG flight!

When I arrived in Chicago I contacted the shuttle company and they sent – a stretch limo! All the way out to St. Charles, and all I could think was, “Oh, this is TOO much, this is just TOO MUCH CAR!” I would have given a lot to have Hannah and Max with me, they would have SO enjoyed it!

The Original Sewing and Quilt Show is such a well run production – it’s my first experience with them, but so far, so good! Tonight I taught Combination Knitting, tomorrow I teach Cabling (with some return students!) Since I was so late I just barely had time to rush to the Wool & Company booth to check in, back to my room to change my clothes, then to the W&C booth again to sign some books. Right from there to my class, which ended at 9:00, and now I’m waiting impatiently for Room Service. I ordered a beer.

It snowed here today.

I deserve a beer.

I’ve acquired two things lately which have made me SO happy!

IPod I have an ipod. I’m so happy! I can download and watch Project Runway on my ipod, and I’m subscribed to 33 podcasts AND The Daily Show. I may be able to live without cable after all! Between that, and the CSpan stuff I can listen to, most of my reasons for wanting cable are moot…

IKnit You all probably know that I’m a straight needle girl, but I do enjoy a good circular, too! My love so far has been for Inox Express – they’re fast, I love the sharp points, and the needle portion is nice and long. I’d tried some of the interchangeable circs, and I liked them, but I didn’t LOVE them like my Inox Express…

…until I got the Knit Picks set in the mail! I had heard that they’re good, and had even heard them compared to Inox Express, but I wasn’t prepared for how MUCH I would like them! I’ve already worked up a child’s sweater with a set, and have been doing some ribbon swatching using a smaller needle as the “exit” needle so the stitches slip off easier. I am very happy with the needles – woo!

And Gifts!
I worked up a pattern using ON Line Linie ribbon – the kind that makes ruffles – and I’m happy to share it as a free pattern. Here’s the catch – you have to get your local yarn shop to ask for it!

I’ll send this pattern (a pdf file which can be printed at the yarn shop) to any brick and mortar yarn shop to give away to their customers, so if you’d like to make this, contact your local yarn shop and have them email me for the file.

The Fine Print: I will not print this pattern out myself, but I’ll be happy to send it to any shop for them to print. The pattern uses the ON Line Linie Ribbon and 3 colors of worsted weight yarn. I’m doing this to get folks to visit their local yarn shop if they haven’t been there in a while. There’s a lot of great stuff out on the internet, heaven knows I love to do online shopping, but it’s also vital that we patronize our local yarn shops. Ignore them and they might go away!

PR Content
So here’s the thing – do you think they just kept Jeffrey in because he’s controversial TV?

And a big “Thank You” to Lynne E!

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