I just listened to Marie Irshad’s Knit Cast (obviously I’m enjoying my ipod – it is heavenly – and I’m catching up on so many podcasts that I’d missed before…), the Shannon Okey episode, and I’m feeling like a piker!

Wow – what a busy woman she is! I thought I was busy, but I’m sitting here on my hands (which makes it hard – but in some ways more fun – to knit and write) while she pumps out 17 books and 14 businesses. I am in awe! I’m also kicking myself because apparently she was just a few miles from me last week and I didn’t get my butt over to Modern Yarn in Montclair, NJ to see her – oh, well, live and learn… I think that was the day I was doing my taxes…

To be honest, I’m feeling in a minor slump right now. Perhaps is the feeling-between-books sensation, or I’m still getting up to speed for this Winter, but the past few years I’ve had a book in the works or in the wings at all times, and now all I have are some ideas floating around my head. I think I’m slightly disenchanted with the whole publisher world (so different from self publishing) and I have to either deal with it or – well – I just have to deal with it. I also just noticed last night after I’d scanned in the contact sheets from my Romantic Knits photo shoot that the shawl is worn wrong side out. Oy. That was the day that I wasn’t at the shoot, and the shawl was DEFINITELY labeled with a pin to note the wrong side.

Which makes me long for a chance to work with Brooklyn Tweed, a blogger and knitter (and amazing photographer) in Brooklyn who takes the most soulful shots of yarn and sweaters. Imagine, a photographer who KNITS and who GETS IT!

I think it may be time for me to start my search again for an affordable color publisher (no, lulu or the POD printers are just too expensive…) I think my only hope may be to go overseas, but I’d rather not…

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