Rhapsody on a Plane

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Rapsody on a Plane, originally uploaded by modeknit.

Just to prove to myself, if to no one else, that I am knitting a bit, here’s some scarf that I worked on coming back from Chicago. Of course I ripped it out. I was experimenting with Iris Schreier’s Zig Zag scarf pattern.

Hey – when you think of modular knitting, do you think of entrelac, too? Wouldn’t that somehow fall under the same main heading? Is there a blanket term that can describe knitting by number, domino knitting, mosaic knitting, mitered knitting and modular knitting PLUS entrelac? Just wondering… I loved the bit the Girl From Auntie wrote about it – very helpful!

So I finally discovered flicker. I’m going to see how I like it, since Blogger’s been wacky with the images lately (and what’s a blog with no images?) I did, however, have to increase the width of my main text portion in the code – hopefully this will clear up any overlapping problems…

Sorry about the excessive posting today. A blustery day. I think I’ll take a walk…

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