Mixing It Up

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Lornas Laces Cable Swatch, originally uploaded by modeknit.

I’ve been going through a blending phase with my yarns. The non-spinners answer to the siren song of creating fiber. Blended here are some Lorna’s Laces (Lion & Lamb mixed with Dove at the bottom, and Glory at the top) just for giggles.

Our internets is suffering (damn you, Verizon…) so sending email is a dog and pony show. I can do it, but only from my webmail, and I’ve been using my applemail pretty much as my file cabinet for all correspondence, so I have to copy myself, yada yada yada, and it takes me long on this dopey email thing than usual.

So the buzz on the house is that folks looked at it (a guy), he really likes it, his wife is in California and he took pictures. They want to know if we can be out in mid November (uh, no) We’d prefer Jan 1. I can’t see moving before Christmas, at any rate, because that would just be too hard on the kids – we need this holiday seasons to say our goodbyes.

Having said that, if these folks are really interested and make a bid, and it’s good, and they’re pre-approved, we’ll be as flexible as we possibly can be. I’m glad now that I didn’t schedule any classes between Dec 7 – Jan 11, I thought it would be a good time to have my schedule to myself.

So in addition to checking out moving companies, temporary housing possibilities and answering emails, today was devoted to working up swatches and instructions for some new classes I’m offering, rediscovering how much fun double knitting can be, loving some mitered, modular and entrelac techniques, and just having a good ol’ fiber time.

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