Strangers on Wednesday, Friends on Saturday

One of the best parts of what I do for a living is making friends. I feel so lucky that I fly into a town, check into a hotel, show up at a yarn shop and at the end of the class I’ve made a batch of friends. And it’s not because I’m so fabulous (stop laughing, Rachel…), but because when folks come to a class usually they’re ready to approach the topic with open minds. Open minds are generally accompanied by open hearts, the end result being friendship.

I’ve made some very wonderful friends here – I hesitate to mention names because later this may be used against them Have you at any time been a friend of Annie Modesitt…? but here are a few with whom I spent a nice chunk of time this weekend;

Mollie – the owner of Stitches N Scones, a lovely woman (and beautiful, too) with a warm and inviting shop stocked with any yarn I’d ever want to work with! She’s been a most gracious hostess, and I am so glad she asked me out to her shop to teach some classes and speak at her fundraising event.

Char, Cynthia, Suzon, Rachel & Joseph – all part of a big family, of which I’ve only met the tip of the iceberg, CC&S were a joy to have in my classes and kept me on my toes. They also took me out for a delicious Italian dinner last night, excellent wine, and I felt just a little less homesick to be able to spend time with two great kids (Rachel has the best laugh!)

Karen, Carol & many other SnS regulars / staff who I can’t quite remember their names (but I definitely remember THEM!) You guys were just about the hardest working students I’ve had in a series of class – thank you so much for your energy and your enthusiasm. Now if only I could remember more names, I’d be a better person…

and last – but definitely not least –

Tom & Linda (& Wayne) – you guys made my trip so joyful, you made me feel incredibly special. Linda is one of the few folks I”ve seen who can make leather pants look both sexy and respectible, and Tom and Wayne are both lucky guys. A HUGE thank you to Wayne & Linda for their impromptu modeling at the fashion show, and especially to Wayne for his good natured acceptance of my shocking revelation (Wayne, I’ll think of you every Father’s Day)

Today is the Lace Class, we’re going to be swatching then starting our Wavy Lace Scarves, then it’s off to the airport and back home from Indiana. I wonder if the FFA kids are flying back today…

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