No Rest For The Weary (Traveler)

My flight was delayed – there were high winds in NYC and that held up a bunch of planes into Newark. I actually got very lucky – I arrived at the airport early and got myself switched to an earlier flight. When I arrived at the gate ALL flights had been delayed at least a few hours, so my coup of getting on the 5:30 flight meant that I actually left at 8:00 (15 minutes after I was originally scheduled to leave.) I was lucky – the folks on my original flight weren’t scheduled to leave until after 10:00 pm!

Another big bonus was the flight I switched to was a larger plane (737) so it was a quicker flight, the seats were slightly larger, and there was more overhead luggage storage. When I travel I have to carry so darned much (books, teaching supplies, and this trip a bunch of sweaters for the fashion show) that I use up my allowance of 2 carryon bags VERY quickly. In my last flight, since it was on an ExpressJet, everyone with a carryon rolling bag had to have it checked at the gate and wait for it at the end of the flight.

Instead of being all, “I’ve got to get off this plane!” at the end of the flight (not that I’m usually like that, but I move along with the crowd) I decided to just sit and knit until the last folks were off the plane. I was amazed at how much easier and pleasant it was. That half crouch that I have to do (hovering under the luggage compartment, half in the aisle/half in my seat while standing and waiting for the doors to open) always takes so much out of me. 10 minutes of waiting can feel like an hour, and it kills my back.

So I sat, I waited, and whenI got off I didn’t feel rushed or pushed. I worked my way to the baggage claim and – surprise! – my bags were very early coming off the plane. To the Taxi Stand (it was just too late for Gerry to pick me up – he has to be up at 2:00 anyway to leave for work at 3:00am) where – after a short wait – I was in a big SUV cab and home to South Orange.

How wonderful it is to be home.

Still no definite movement on the house. I chalk it up 100% to the iffy housing market right now – I feel we’ve done everything that we realistically could do to make the house more desirable, the rest is up the the realtor, the buyers and St.Joseph (St. Jo? Hello?)

I arrive to a bundle of work – work is good – combined with the last minute trip to buy bags of candy. I’m trying to put that off until 5 minutes before the trick or treaters show up or I’m likely to just eat WAAAAY too much junk. I loved being able to swim every day when I was in Indianapolis – a luxury I don’t have here – but I do have my beautiful neighborhood to walk around. It’s supposed to get up to 70 tomorrow – good heavens! A warm, warm day for the kids! Max is going to be a pirate (Yar!) and Hannah will be a witch!

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