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I just got an email that stunned me, so I wanted to clear something up on my blog, in the open, because I know how easy it is to take a comment and run with it. A few days ago in my blog I made what I thought was an innocent comment,

“The first class was colorwork, everyone did the amazing plaid (I remember the class having a hard time with this when I taught at Lambikins Hideaway, and I suspect that it was my teaching that was the main difference…)”

Now, if anyone was following my blog last year when I taught at Lambikin’ Hideaway, you will see that I absolutely adored that shop. A D O R E D it. I loved the owner, the students, I loved the classes and the shop and the wonderful woman who kindly put me up at her home for an extended period of time. I loved the yarn that they sell so well that I used it in for a skirt in my upcoming book, Romantic Knits.

It is a most amazing shop, you should visit it, drive out of your way to go there and buy a lot of stuff. Spend time with the regulars, read a magazine and enjoy their fine, fine silk.

What I meant by the comment was NOT that the group at LK was in any way slow, or couldn’t grasp a concept. What I meant was that the class at Stitches N Scones got it SO fast, so immediately, that it blew me away.

The closest comparison to this class was at Lambikins Hideaway, where it was a tougher class (and I’m entirely certain that it was my teaching which was the difference)

My post was intended to convey that I didn’t think that I did as well at LK in the colorwork class as I did this past weekend teaching the same class!

I realize I shouldn’t have used the name of the first shop, I usually don’t do that, and I chalk it up to a combination of blogging on the road (minor exhaustion) and – ironically – feeling so positive about Lambikins Hideaway that it just didn’t occur to me that the comment would come out as a negative toward anyone but myself.

I didn’t mean to cast aspersions on anyone’s skill, or any shop’s clientele. But since I did use the name of the shop, I felt it was incumbent on me to mention it in a posive light in this post. You can’t cry over spilt milk, you need to wipe it up.

I did not intend for my earlier comment to be disrespectful in any way to Christine or her wonderful shop.

Geeze, I feel like John Kerry. I think I’m going to go on blogging hiatus for a bit.

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