Stitchers of the Caribbean

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Beauteous Jen & Fearless Annie, originally uploaded by modeknit.

Argh! Ahoy, ye scurvy crocheters an’ knitters, we be boardin’ the Yarn Princess* in Ft. Lauderdale (whether they be ready for us or not) on the 9th of April, 2007 and returning when the wind blows us back to civilization**

Bring yer sticks & hooks (of the crochet kind, ye scurvy joker!) and join the Beauteous Jennifer (Crochet Wench) Hanson of Stitch Diva Studios and Fearless Annie (Knit Wench) Modesitt fer hours of classes, parlay and – above all – stitchin’ Yarrr!

Ye’ll be clickin’ on the link here to download the pdf file containing all of the trips details. We’ll even be allowin’ scurvy non-yarn land lubbers on our voyage (they won’t be needin’ to be payin’ the extra d’bloons fer the class fee, but we may just make a stitcher out of them yet!)

Argh, spaces are rare and open to the right folks – may it be you? Here lies the priceless registration form, in pdf format, fer ye to be downloading…

*The Yarrrn Princes is really the Sun Princess
** We return on April 19.

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