Another In The Series of Combo Videos

… with running commentary by – guess who? I’m still just playing around with these to figure out how best to present them

A little explaination on the video: This is exactly how I knit – I didn’t change things for photography. I don’t wrap the yarn around my fingers for tension, cat-cradle like, because I find that just doesn’t work for me.

I encourage folks to try this, but I also firmly believe that you should hold the yarn whichever way feels best for you because your hands have their own intelligence!

The way I set my tension is that after I insert the needle into the next stitch, as I grasp the yarn to form the stitch I give the slightest tug and that sets the tension on the previous stitch. This works for me – but I do understand that this may not work for everyone! If you want to try knitting with wire, though, this is a very good method to use so you keep the wire as un-kinked as possible.

I’m in Minneapolis, I drove to Red Wing, Cannon Falls & Northfield today to take a peek at houses (only got to go into one of them) I’ve heard from a few of you that Red Wing and Northfield are more charming – ? – than Cannon Falls. Maybe it was that I drove through right in a beautiful sunset, but Cannon Falls seemed really nice to me.

What am I missing? If you don’t want to post a comment about them, just email me – I’m very happy to hear comments about either of these three towns – or any others you think I should know about. I’m keeping an open mind on EVERY front (and later this week I’ll drive out to Stillwater!)

Tomorrow I’ll post some more lovely images from the airplane and the car. A nice, but tiring, day. I’m reknitting the Man’s Rasta Hat from Men Who Knit for the Knitty Gritty appearance. Have I mentioned how excited I am to be MEETING Drew – finally – in person!

This means that I really have to knit the hat 5 or 6 times, each time stopping at a different point so we can do the step outs and give the impression that I’m completing the project on set. And repeat that with the doggie sweater. UH HUH!

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