I got home after 2:00 last night. Our flight was delayed due to rain and high winds in the NYC area, so it meant – ultimately – more knitting time for me! Not a bad thing.

The flight itself was not bad at all – I sat next to a nice, quiet guy, it was a packed flight but we had an empty seat in our row so we were able to spread out a bit. There was a movie (a first for me on a trip from MN), The Devil Wears Prada and I enjoyed it thoroughly (I didn’t see it in the theaters, but I wanted to!)

In the cool light of day (or rather, in the dim gaslight of 2:00 am) as the cab was driving me through my neighborhood, I realized how much living near other folks means to me. Still love the Red Wing house, but I think I’m able to look at it a little less passionately. The house is a fling. The house is also the most beautiful house (for me) that I’ve ever seen.

The Best Damned Kids In The World…
…were sleeping together in Hannah’s bed when I got home. Gerry had just got up, he was getting ready to take a shower, and I stayed up for a bit winding down so that I’d be able to sleep. I read my email, took my drugs (I’d run out before I left, they arrived in the mail), looked at the snail mail that arrived as I was gone (first and foremost among them was my bound copy of Men Who Knit and the Dogs who love them) How exciting! Drew had emailed me that he got his copy, but like my drugs, it had arrived the day I left. Just as well – I had my mockup with me, and I would have been far too engaged in MWK instead of proof reading Romantic Hand Knits.

And now I’m home. The kids are off to school, the animals have been fed and are sleeping on this overcast Monday, and I’m ready to settle in and get some stuff done. It is SO good to be home.

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