Squash Pie

I love pumpkin pie – I ADORE it!

I would eat it every day of the year if I could, and it takes great resistance to only stop by Starbucks on a weekly basis to get one of the pumpkin lattes.

The big, bright orange pumpkins we use for jack-o-lanterns aren’t good for pies, though. I discovered this as a kid when I tried to boil one down to make pulp. It was strong tasting, not subtle, almost metallic.

The reason, I learned later in life when I worked for MS, was that I should have used a SUGAR PUMPKIN!

The next best thing -even better than a sugar pumpkin – is a butternut squash. I love me my squash.

Yesterday we made some pies – simplest thing in the world to make – and even though I’m good at making pie crusts I prefer to use the Pillsbury rolled type. They’re so easy and taste so good. I hate to have the kitchen dirty in several different ways, THAT’S where my laziness resides, so I just use the pie crusts.

Click on the words Squash Pie above for a nice recipe – similar to my own – for a delicious squash pie!

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