Here We Go Again

Last night my thumb was feeling irritated – just a little sensitive around the base of the nail. Last night several times I woke up with a bit of pain when I’d knock it against the headboard. This morning it’s just beginning to swell the tiniest bit. I will NOT have this happen again – I will NIP this in the bud this time!

Two years ago I got a manicure in California and it turned into a year-long thumb injury/infection. I’m not sure what happened this time – certainly not a manicure – but my thumb has come into contact with something that’s making it beginning to swell, so I am going to get myself fixed RIGHT AWAY and not let it go. Right now it’s soaking in hot water and hydrogen peroxide, and I’m already taking some antibiotics for the sore throat thing (saw the doctor yesterday… hey – maybe that’s where the thumb met it’s current foe?) and she prescribed some antibiotics to clear up my ear, nose and throat infection before I get on a plane this Friday.

Of course, the timing is exquisite. I’m leaving on Friday for Tulsa to teach at Loops (I heard today that all classes are filled, woohoo!) and then Monday I fly from Tulsa to LA for Knitty Gritty. If I can’t get this under control, I’ll be wearing a LOT of hand makeup. After that I’ll be at The Knitters Studio and Unwind in the LA & Burbank, respectively, for some more classes and some booksignings (and a wire demo!)

Then I return home for a wire workshop at the Westchester Knitting Guild, and to resume Watch 2006 until December 15th, when we can go ahead with plans to fly to MN to look at the finalist homes. Exciting, but nerve-wracking, too!

I’ve started on what I think will be an amazing piece. I don’t have a sketch, I’m just sort of feeling my way, but I have a very good feeling about it. I’m making what will be a felted mitered jacket (my hope is it will feel like a nice, warm boiled wool jacket) Unlike almost all of my designs, I’m actually making this one to fit ME – in a larger woman size – because I’m just being greedy. Since the felting will reduce the size of the garment by approx 20% (according to my swatch) this means knitting a VERY big garment. I’m prepared, when folks ask me in airports and at the kid’s school, to tell them that it’s a blanket. To say that it’s a jacket for me would be just too embarrassing.

I’d post photos, but it looks like nothing now.

I’m also starting on a project for VK – a new knitted seat for a Shaker rocker that we picked up at an auction last year. It’s a sweet little seat-less chair, so I’m knitting one up and creating an unusual project for VK at the same time!

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