I need to move it, move it…

I’m sitting on my butt at the Safari Inn, enjoying the peace, catching up on email and IMPROVING tremendously my cabling handout (my apologies to my class last night – you are the last class to get the OLD handout!) Actually, it was the class last night that inspired me to change the handout – their comments were very insightful and I realized that there is a better and easier way to explain the material in writing.

Yesterday I was at The Knitters Studio, and I had such a FABulous time. I just love Liz, I love her staff, and I always find that the class participants there are SO much better than they think they are! All of these closet knitting savants masquerading as “beginning” knitters – I prefer to call them “new” knitters! I feel like a fraud showing them something that they obviously already have somewhere in their DNA. I tell my students that by the time the cabling class ends their hair will turn red, their nose will turn up and they’ll be reminiscing about ‘the oul’ country…’

Make it a point to visit The Knitters Studio and you may have a hard time leaving! I always feel so much at home here – and obviously the customers do, too!

I just heard from my producer that Stitchy McYarnpants & Marnie MacLean are both staying here – maybe we can have a drink this evening if I can track them down. There’s an outside patio (but it’s probably going to be chilly…) Maybe after my Unwind Class we can meet…?

Speaking of hotels, here’s a little trip down memory lane of my stays at several of the fine, fine establishments I’ve crashed at over the past few months. There’s nothing like reminiscing.

Today I went shopping, I had a quest to find a nice pair of sandals. I went to a shoe warehouse type of place, not really expecting much, and then I wandered across the holy grail of my shoe shopping experience. The elusive size 11 women’s Birkenstocks at an AFFORDABLE price. Hooya! So it was an amazing shoe buying adventure. I am SO not-sex-in-the-city. I like my shoes cheap and flat.

And now to go get my laundry and dress for Unwind!

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