Unwinding at Home

I’m home.

I missed this so much, sitting in my own chair, kids reading or playing with cars & k’nex and Gerry with the paper. This morning Hannah climbed into bed with us – what a nice hug. I noticed last evening when we picked up the kids (they went to a movie while Gerry came to the airport) that Hannah’s taller than Max’s best friend’s mom. She had a growth spurt while I was away.

Thursday was my Unwind class – and it was (as always) SO enjoyable! Unwind has a very warm place in my heart for several reasons; I love the shop, I love Stephanie, and it’s the shop where I met Crazy Aunt Purl. Three good reasons for being a lifelong fan. The class was larger than we’d anticipated, which is always a good thing (much better than the alternative, although a smaller class carries its own charms!) and the students were SO wonderful! Working hard, dilligent, funny, chatty in the best way AND able to deal with my end-of-the-weeklong-trip shortness with such grace. Thanks everyone! We had a book signing and I did a wire demo before the class, both were lots of fun.

When I got back to the hotel I met up with Debbie Brisson and we had drinks and a GREAT chat before we both went to our rooms and crashed (she was in the room just below me – how odd!) Of course, for us “drinks” meant I had dinner, we had a beer, and then we had an amazing DESSERT! It was exceptional – and the best part was making a new friend in the knit publishing world. It’s always a delight to meet someone whose work you admire and realize that they are REALLY a good person – yay!

The flight home was uneventful, crowded, a little late (high winds in Newark made us leave an hour behind schedule) but overall not so bad. I have to thank Marilyn for her gift – you know what I mean, Marilyn – because it saved my bacon – literally. I can’t imagine the trip without it! As our plane landed in Newark I took some photos out the window, moving my camera around so the lights would dance. Here is a montage of several of the shots.

The in-flight movie was the same shown on the flight from Houston to LA, Little Miss Sunshine. I had heard how good it was, and that I should see it, but I hadn’t seen it yet. I loved it – GO SEE IT. I went to college with Steve C, we were in the drama department together and were friends. He was such a good guy – quiet, but funny and kind. It was good to see him in the movie with a beard (which he wore all through college) because he looked – to me – like ‘himself.’ Do we every really get past our college impressions of old friends? I did a lot of knitting on the plane – on a cabled bag and on the mitered malabrigo jacket (which is coming along beautifully!)

Speaking of the flight from Houston, it was on a Rolls… Touch me!

Speaking of touching, my thumb is just beginning to heal – finally – what an annoyance it was! I covered it with medical tape and makeup during the taping, I hope it doesn’t look too stupid.

Today I’m resting, catching up on email, organizing myself and unpacking. Tomorrow I drive up to Chappaqua for a knitting with wire class with the Westchester Knitting Guild, then back home for more rest before I put together the plan for our goodbye to South Orange holiday party, and for our eagerly anticipated holiday guests!! I came home to SO MUCH YARN which must be worked up as sweaters. Oy!

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