Resting & Dealing

I arrived home to so many boxes, letters, contracts – all kinds of things that needed to be dealt with! I have several sweaters that need to be knit, or swatched for knitters, so I have my work cut out for me. Some gorgeous stuff from Lorna’s Laces arrived, and as soon as I get a nice swatch worked up I’ll ship it out to my terrific knitter and await the results. There’s a nice time frame, no big rush, and that’s a wonderful luxury we don’t get much in the knitting world!

Before I left I started a chair seat for VK’s Knit.1, but didn’t really get the groove of it until last night when I finally finished the knitting and sewed the seat on the chair. I’m very happy with how it looks, the lace pattern is wonderful for a chair seat and the Shaker chair frame is a perfect canvas for some nice knitted lace. Working with nylon twine is an adventure, but also quite lovely once you get past the fact that it can pick and split terrifyingly in the knitting!

I spent Saturday resting – just catching up on brain-down time – and preparing for a Knitting With Wire class at the Westchester Knitting Guild on Sunday. I have such a warm feeling toward this guild, it was one of the first places to hire me back when I started doing the knit teaching thing a few years ago, and I get such a lovely, warm reception from these strong and confident women. One thing I don’t have to waste a lot of time on with this group is convincing them that they’re good knitters!

It amazes me how much time goes into getting someone to realize just how good they are. It’s understandable, and one can’t undo years of self-doubt in a knitting class, but sometimes it’s too easy and comfortable for us to retreat into an “Oh, I’m such a ninny, I can’t do this…” attitude. NOT a problem with the Westchester Guild, and I’m proud of them for it!

It was a nice sized class – we were in the children’s program room at the Chappequa library and at one point I thought we might get kicked out for being rowdy. But the kind librarians closed the door and left us to our devices, and we cackled and laughed locked away in privacy. I’m ashamed at how bad my face-memory (okay, my memory in general) is – I have the worst time remembering folks, and – of course – that makes the folks who I forget feel that they weren’t memorable, or that I don’t care about them enough to remember them. It’s not the case at all, it’s just that I can’t seem to get myself to remember how some faces look.

A few years ago I heard a scupltor saying that he had a condition where he can’t recognize or remember faces when he sees them in person, but when he sees a still photo (preferably black and white) he CAN remember them. I don’t know if this is entirely the case for me, but I though it was interesting!

In Westchester we made wire bangle bracelets – everyone did beautifully, and many of the women finished their bracelets themselves (over achievers!) and all walked out with enough wire and beads to make a few more for Holiday gifts if they want. I make them for friends who have had new babies in the family (a nice auntie or grandma gift) in the birthstone of the new baby, and they’re also nice birthday gifts.

Home Angst
Right before the class on Sunday I got the word about the home inspection and what our buyers want from us. It’s not bad, not really, but some of the stuff is a little ridiculous (and had already been addressed in the homeowners disclosure, we’d already stated what we were prepared to do to remedy some of the items.) A frustration. As of Friday the contingency is off (actually, I think they have until Mon to present any financial documents they’d need to give us to get out of the contract, but the word from all parties is that our buyers’ buyers are pretty much all settled in and their mortgage is set, so it seems that WE’LL be set then, too!)

We haven’t felt 100% comfortable going into contract on a home until we felt that our own contract was contingency-free, so this will give us the latitude to begin closing in on the houses that appeal to us. I’m bummed because a house we liked (on the computer, not in person) has just gone off the market (sold?) and if we’d felt that we could, we may have made a bid on it. But there are other lovely houses to see (two, specifically, that are appealing to us) and I’m chomping at the bit to get out to MN after TNNA in San Diego to go into contract on something.

Cheap Date
Tomorrow we’re going to the Daily Show. We wrote for tickets a while back, got the confirming email and then wrote back on the day we were supposed to. The whole process is VERY confusing – we have friends who got locked out because they didn’t do it ‘correctly’ – so we’re a bit apprehensive. The kids are getting a ride to and from Hebrew school with classmates who also go to their public school, and good friends will watch the kids after Hebrew school until we get back. The arrangements that go into any kind of child-free parent outing are astounding.

If I can arrange it I’ll go into the city early and drop off the above chair to the VK offices (better to drive it than ship it!) then meet Gerry for our date with Jon. I hope they let me knit in the audience.

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