A Tale of Three Cities

Minneapolis/ St Paul
Twin Cities Score High for Emergency Communication
Minnesota Retains Spot as Healthiest State in the Nation
A 61-Year Low for Traffic Deaths
Minnesota No. 1 Again With 20-Game Unbeaten Streak

Subway Hero
Fire Escape Heros

In a convergence of the threads of my life, the Minneapolis Star Tribune mentions crocuses coming up in New Jersey. I just saw a crocus today in our yard. Too weird.

And here is something that I thought was just extremely funny To The Large Spider

As far as knitting goes – today was a butt day. Me, on my butt, making flight arrangements, paying bills, shipping books, making CAR rental and hotel reservations, returning emails from yarn shops – a very busy day and I moved 5 feet all day. Tomorrow will be a WALKING day, that’s for sure.

Bittersweet Meet
Last night I met with my local yarn group – the Yarn Pirates (yarrr!)

So long ago – 5 years? – I started teaching some knitting classes out of a storefront in South Orange and one of my students was Athena. Athena introduced me to the concept of blogging, the idea of the Meetup, and is the driving force behind our semi-monthly meetings. Early in our knitting-group-dom, when we had no name, I arranged for a knitting retreat at Ocean Grove. We had a good time – it was a learning experience for all (and the G&T’s on the beach in the moonlight were a wonderful study aid…)

At one point we were sitting around being silly when one of our number mentioned that her husband was Irish. So we all had to affect Irish accents.

We sounded insane – not Irish at all – but rather like… PIRATES! Yarrr! And thus we became, The Yarn Pirates. YO ho!

(Yes, those little men are spelling out Yo Ho… in a past life, when I had more time on my hands, I used to design fonts for fun. This is one of my semaphore fonts – I also did a Braille font – that’s useful for web design …)

I will miss my Pirate Crew SO much. Yar. Ceil, Janis, Harriet, Athena, Jen, Claudia (both!) and everyone else that I’m forgetting – what a wonderful bunch of quiet, rowdy, cheerful and thoughtful women. I wonder if we could take advantage of this lovely Spring weather and sneak off to the beach again before I leave…

I’ve been putting off my goodbyes, and now with a month to go – much of which time I’ll be away – I really MUST start saying my farewells. This is the hard part. C’mon, Minnesota – group hug! Make me feel the love and fill the empty Jersey-shaped hole in my heart…

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