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Here’s a link to a pdf file – a chullo hat pattern that I designed last year for the crochet calendar. I keep forgetting that I have these patterns lying around, and someone just wrote and asked for this, so I figured why not add it to the list on the blog and alert the media!

It’s worked up in Artyarns Supermerino, a yarn which I love very much, and I’ve spent the day on some samples for my TNNA class in various Artyarns. It’s the first time I’m teaching the toe up mutt-luck class – always a trifle nerve wracking – but it’s a fun class and I think we’ll be dandy. I need to settle in and organize exactly what I need on hand for the class, though, because the first time through I’m likely to be a little scattered. Oh, who am I kidding, scattered is my middle name…

The downside of a small success is that I don’t have the time to see friends as much as I’d like. And once we’re in the great MidWest it will be fiendishly hard to jump in the PT and drive up to Westchester to see Iris and pick up some new yarn to play with! So I’m looking forward to getting together with Iris & Elliot at TNNA, I usually hang around their booth, take some orders if I can, just basically schmooze and call it useful work.

I also spent a good part of the day PACKING. All of the books in the dining room are packed up, most of the living room books and almost ALL of the framed photos and pictures are wrapped in quilts and packed up tight. Right now the kids are upstairs listening to Eldest while they sort through their books – what to keep, what to give away – and packing boxes. A little bit every day will make the whole move a lot easier.

Tomorrow Max attends his friend’s birthday party, and Sunday is a field trip for Hannah with her Hebrew school class – I hope the weather stays as nice as it’s been. We need to start thinking about Max’s birthday party – his last here – and what we’ll do for the wacky, funny, loving, charming, knitting little heart throb!

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