Letting Go

Today I spent a good part of the afternoon in my basement office pitching old files which I haven’t used or even LOOKED at in the past 4 years. Old, old stuff – knowing in my soul that the minute the garbage is carted away, I’ll need one of those files. Oy. But it must be done.

Perhaps the easiest 6 word excuse in history; “I lost that when I moved…”

I also packed up boxes and BOXES of magazines, yarn card books, other office-ish stuff. I’m trying to empty shelves so that we can start taking the shelves apart. Inch by inch…

I also went to Crate and Barrel and salivated over this table. Gaghghghghghghg.

Yes, I know, the last thing I should be doing is mentally shopping for new furniture. But it’s so pretty, darn it. And it has a copper top. Do you think I could buy a cheap-o table and hammer hundreds of pennies onto the top with finishing nails?

Gerry and I confessed our fantasies to each other this evening while he was making rice and I was putting away yogurt. Sounds kinky, n’est ce pas?

Well, it’s not. We both have the same deep seated desire to break the back wall out of our new house (the k
itchen wall, not the beautiful dining room built-in sideboard wall) and add room for a first floor bathroom / pantry / walkway to the garage. Which we want to open up and make into a 2-car garage. And, you know, that would also leave room upstairs for a second bathroom turning our bedroom into a master suite…

We’re thinking big.

We have a friend nearby who put a bathroom in his house this year – he did a magnificent job on it, it’s stunning, perfectly period (1920’s). He said that although it was a TON of work, it definitely was do-able. And I have been looking at some funky copper sinks. Again with the copper…? Who knew there was such a thing as coppersinksdirect.com?

Add to that the fact that for the first year or so Gerry will be Mr. Mom, home during the days while the kids are at school, AND that he’s Mr. Handy Landy, and we may just have a project for him to sink his teeth into. More later…

I LOVE Modern Postcard
I use them for my advertising needs – and I’ll use them the next time I need business cards. Last year we did Happy New Year postcards with them, and this year we’ll be using them to send out our change of address cards.

It works out to roughly $1.00 a card, with postage. Here’s what we worked up for our friends & creditors to let them know where to find us…

Giving Up
I had been trying to work out a pattern for a kimono style swing coat I’m working up in Lorna’s Laces, but I just can’t seem to get the darned thing to come out as I’d like it to. This is one of those times when I just have to sit with the yarn and work up the darned piece for it to make real sense to me.

I don’t know why I’m having this brain freeze on this project – it’s a relatively simple shape – but I haven’t been able to find a comfort level with my gauge swatch and the pattern I’m writing up to let it go.

I can’t give it up.

I think I’ll sleep with it tonight. Wouldn’t it be nice if that were Gerry’s fantasy?

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