POD People

They’re coming tomorrow.

We received a cryptic phone call alerting us that between 6am – 9am
the PODS will arrive.

They’re coming.

Be afraid, be very afraid…

Fear #1 – The Pods Won’t Fit Down Our Driveway
If the dumpster guys could get down the driveway, then the PODS folks should be able to. Should. Operative word here is should. They say they need 12′ – we’re giving them that plus a trifle more. We’ll see…

Fear #2 – The Pods Won’t Fit & They Park Them on the Driveway in FRONT of the house (with my car in the back) without waking me up.
Although, fat chance that ANYONE could get near the house without Atticus going absolutely NUTS with the barking and the fretting. Poodles bark.

Fear #3 – So Where Will We Put The Dumpster?
Yes, we’re getting another one. Life is a casting off, Willy.

Freaky Coincidences
For as many years as they’ve held the Knit Out in NYC I haven’t been able to make it. I want to go, I’d like to go, but every year it’s held on the day of Hannah’s birthday party (can’t miss that!) And speaking of parties, we just arranged Max’s birthday party – bittersweet, his last one here – at a Roller Rink. Heaven help me.

At any rate, I’ve not been able to make it to the Knit Out and always felt a little bit like I’d missed a grass routes knitting event. But never fear, we’ll be arriving in Minnesota just in time for the Great American Knit Out at the Mall of America.

Our PODS are supposed to arrive on the 19th, so we won’t have a heck of a lot to empty and unpack until they get there. So now we have something to do! I’ll go do a book signing on Sunday (details to come – probably at 2:00 at Barnes & Noble) and Gerry will take the kids for some shopping and ride fun. Welcome to Minnesota!

PODS Fear #4 – We won’t get the permit to park them in front of our St. Paul home
We have folks hot on the trail of the elusive St. Paul PODS permit AT THIS MOMENTCalm down, Annie. Sheesh.

My packing hasn’t been going as quickly as I’d like – work getting in the way, projects to finish, and Gerry’s been suffering with a bad back for about 3 weeks now so today he finally went to the back doctor and then had some Xrays. He’s tight – that’s the official, initial diagnosis. So he’s supposed to do physical therapy 2-3 times a week, and he wants to see an acupuncturist. Fine by me!

But having the PODS right in the back yard will provide the impetus I need to get my requisite 10 boxes per day packed and ready to go.

Fear #5 – How will I keep Gerry from being “brave” and trying to pack stuff while I’m away in Chicago? Actually – not a problem…

I wasn’t thrilled with the crocheted dress I’m working on now, but when I put it on the mannequin (I’m just about at waist level) it looks nicer than I thought it would. I have to do more waist decreasing, but I’m working it into a wave pattern so it’s kind of cool the decreasing making the waves shorter – amost like a demonstration of the speed of sound. I think I’m tired. I’m debating whether a zipper will be necessary for this dress – lots of stuff to think about…


I’m watching David Letterman. He seems perplexed and flummoxed that a person can actually get custom made socks. Where the heck has HE been the past 9 years during the prolonged and well-enjoyed sock mania – obviously NOT in a yarn shop. He needs a Men Who Knit book!

Tomorrow I scour East Orange for wire. Don’t ask.

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