Had Pod-ya*

“One little pod, just one little pod…” So my worrying wasn’t misplaced.

Apparently the POD can’t get to our backyard. So instead of having two PODS on our driveway, and loading them at the same time, we’ll have just one. We’ll load it up, then send it off on Monday morning and have POD2 delivered Monday afternoon. I was a little stymied at first by this change in plans, but it is what it is.

It means, though, that there was some intense loading today. I outdid myself by lugging almost all of the boxes I’d packed to date, plus two small bookcases and THREE large bookcases, into POD1. They fit perfectly against the walls between the supports, and we can anchor them so there’s no shifting. I was a veritable loading machine (what-cha do, do, do, do, do, loading machee-heen!)

I called Gerry and told him to bring home a hand truck (which he did – we’re so proud of our new hand truck!) and also told him he’d better NOTICE the work. He did. And the hand truck he bought was blue. So armed with my hand truck ($48 at Costco – it can be used in 2 ways for long items or tall items) I loaded a buttload more boxes.

And I am bushed. My real estate agent gave me the name of some movers she uses, I called them and they’re coming over tomorrow to load up even MORE stuff into POD1, and do some packing, too. Once we get this baby locked and loaded, they’ll roll it out and bring in the next one.

We’ll have more time to load that one – I’ll be in Chicago for most of that time – and it hits the road on Feb 8.

Then we will experience The Return Of The Dumpster.

Yes, in a limited return engagement, direct from Mauriello Bros Waste Management and playing to packed houses across New Jersey, the DUMPSTER will be back on Irving Avenue again. Seating is limited.

The hardest part today? Packing my yarn and [gulp] a few cases of finished garments onto the pod. Scary. I told the kids they had to put the stuff they couldn’t live without for a few weeks in a box in their closet, so that the movers can load much of the rest of their stuff. Moving in stages.

And – even with the excitement today – I took time to have the MOST AMAZING THAI LUNCH that I’ve ever had. I wonder what the Thai restaurants are like in St. Paul?

We had intended to rent a trailer from UHaul. It sounds so innocuous, huh? Rent a trailer? Nothing could be easier, right? Well, somehow Gerry and I both made it to late-40-hood without realizing that you can’t rent a trailer if you DON’T HAVE A TRAILER HITCH! Getting the hitch seems that it will be about as expensive as renting the trailer.

We’re rethinking. We may be sending a whole lot more in the second Pod than originally intended…

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