Stronger, Longer

140 Lexington Move from Irving PODStrong
This is what I packed yesterday in POD1. Touch me! And that’s why my own back and legs are a-hurtin’ today. It feels like the second day of basketball season.

Yep, I moved it all – all of it – alone. Then I went to lunch (BTW, thanks for all of the great tips on Thai food in the twin cities – and the hitch advice? Golden!) I have such wonderful blog readers – thanks!

So today as I sit and blog (and answer email, and write patterns, and generally get myself ready to go teach this coming week) there are two strong men carrying boxes out to POD1, packing things up, and basically doing the work of – well – one strong woman. Just kidding. They’re obviously doing better than I EVER could, and I’m very grateful to my realtor for giving me their names.

If anyone in the Essex County, NJ area wants their contact info, email me and I’ll send it right off to you!

Stronger Longer
I haven’t mentioned my health for a bit, and that’s because I’m feeling better than I have in about 5 years.

Even when I went through the Lyme Disease adventure in the early 90’s, I always prided myself on having more energy than someone in my situation would normally have. Exhaustion wasn’t something I dealt with on a regular basis – partly youth, and partly my constitution. [in Russian accent] I am strong, like Bull.

But when I got very sick about 5 years ago, my energy level took a sustained nosedive. It’s come and gone over the past years, but for the past few months I’ve felt more energetic and my breathing is better (I guess they’re connected, duh…) than I have in quite a while.

I’m on good drugs (asthma and COPD regulation inhalers) and I’ve been taking a combination of co-enzyme Q-10, fish oil and vitamin B & C complex and I’ve noticed quite a difference in my general wellness level. Hooray!

Today I rework some class handouts for Double Knitting and other stuff. I’ve taught the class a few times, and after I’ve had some experience with the class I like to take the information I’ve gleaned from my classes (thanks, students!) and augment the handouts. Augment. Like what Condi says we’re doing with the troops in Iraq. Oy.

I’m excited about the double knitting class, because I can really see folks’ eyes opening up as they work through the sample, I can see their minds working, and their imaginations taking off – thinking of all the stuff they can double knit, all of the applications for this cool techniques (several techniques, actually) I love knitting – it is so exciting. Gah, that seems like such a weird sentence out of context, something non-knitters will probably never get…

So much of today will be reworking that handout, then I have some shipping to do (books!) and finally some wire shopping in East Orange so I’m prepared for some upcoming wire classes. I’m going to experiment with traveling lighter on my Chicago trip – it’s such a bummer to have to lug heavy, heavy suitcases (3 of them) and – in all honesty – I don’t use much of what I pack. So I made a note of what NEVER came out of the suitcase in my last few trips and that stuff will be staying at home this time.

Advisory: Liberal Content
When I was in LA a few years ago I heard the Stephanie Miller show for the first time, and I laughed so hard I had to stop the car at a 7-11 and go use the ladies room. Oh, she is so darned funny, and her sidekick, Jim Ward, is perhaps the most talented voice guy (voice DIETY, thankyouverymuch) on air. Amazing. And her dad was Goldwater’s running mate – intruiging.

So I was bereft that our own local Air America affiliate didn’t play her, they played Sam Seder instead – he makes me tired. He yells a lot, yells the same stuff, and is a little more dogmatic than I’d like. I prefer a lighter hand with the liberalism – you catch more flies with jokes, and you change the world when minds open. So I stream her every morning and she makes my day a little lighter – Morning Edition, then BBC News, then Stephanie Miller. Life in perspective.

One of the nice extras of St. Paul is that Stephanie Miller is on from 9-11 there every day on 950 am. Woo and Hoo. So imagine my mixed feelings when I turned on the radio this Tuesday and heard Ms Miller on our own NYC Air America affiliate – I was happy to hear her (yay!) but also wanted that superior feeling, When I Move To St. Paul I’ll Hear Her In My CAR! There was a lot of chat in her show that day like, “Hey! We’re in NYC now! Hellllloooo, Jersey!” so I know it wasn’t some satellite feed mistake…

But she’s been gone for the past 2 days and Sam is back. What ‘s up? NY 1600 am has already lost me in the early morning since they have Armstrong Williams on from 6-9 (and WHAT IS UP WITH THAT???) so – well – in radio terms at least, it is definitely time to move to Minnesota.

I’ve gone from being an full day Air America listener to basically just listening during Randi Rhodes and for part of Rachel’s show in the evenings before the Leher Newshour. There’s just too much good stuff on WNYC for the average NY area progressive to waste time on WWRL in the mornings!

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