WCKG – Hang On Tight!

Have I mentioned that it’s cold. It’s cold. Training for Minnesota, I guess.

I’m going to Provence!!!

I’ve never been – I’ve been to Paris and Geneva, Italy and parts of Germany, but never Provence. I’m SO excited, I hardly know what to do!! French Girl Knits has invited me to teach on one of their tours, and the interest has been so great we’re probably going to add a second week-long Adventure in Southern French Restful Beauty & Knitting and I’ve been told that those spaces are filling pretty quickly.

It’s $2,500 – but that is not terribly expensive for a full week with all but 3 meals covered and transportation to and from the airport, and all of the side trips included. Airfare is not included. But there are some DEALS out there for airfare.

Please check out Kristeen’s website, Chez French Girl, for more details – or email her at frenchgirlknits@yahoo.com

It’s Raining Men!
I was at Arcadia Knitting on Thursday night for a talk and a signing. The room was FULL of men – men, men, men! And one wife. Who was a tremendous knitter (so we let her stay) Aside from the shop owner, the wife and myself, it was all men. My shirt had a spot on it, and I didn’t feel as embarrassed as I might in front of an all-woman group, so I guess I’m a laundry sexist.

They were SUCH a wonderful group! We chatted, we had a few beers (!), I told them my more off-color stories and showed them a few techniques (knitting), they told me about their knitting experience and we had a great talk about the dearth of wearable men’s sweater patterns and fit problems that some men run into. I am short sighted about that, it seems, I don’t really think of men as having a lot of fit problems. Women’s bodies are so complex, but that doesn’t mean that men’s bodies are always EASY to make look great. It was an enlightening discussion, and gave me fodder for more essays and maybe another book.

Speaking of Men’s Books, I haven’t mentioned how much I enjoyed Knitting With Balls. The title gives some folks pause, but it’s all in good fun (and clever) and after a few drinks it’s downright brilliant! (The “after a few drinks” meter is good to refer to sometimes, it allows us to use our sense of humor as well as our senses of propriety, adventure and style to enjoy EVERY aspect of life!)

I met Michael Del Vecchio in LA when Drew and I were taping an episode of Knitty Gritty, and he’s such a sweetheart! (speaking of Drew, he just told me that he’s got a book deal with Lark – you GO boy!) Michael and I had emailed two years ago about men’s knitting stuff, and he was so helpful and wonderful via email. It was nice to hook up with him in person!

Ground Hog Day

Yesterday was Ground Hog Day, and as I was driving up to Evanston from Chez Boyz I happened to see this license plate in front of me. Do you think they wait every year for this special day? And what about Grnd Hg #1? Well, I felt special.

The Guild
Their name is the Windy City Guild, and I experienced the full windy treatment last evening when I was walking from my car to the Evanston Eco Center (it’s by a creek – lots of wind blowing down across the park!)

I warmed up quickly, and began methodically setting up. How odd, I thought, that everyone is so interested in me setting up… But I just went about my business. Laying out sweaters, unpacking wire jewelry, setting up my computer.

When I asked my contact there if it were 7:00 yet, and indicated that I was ready to start, I discovered that I was supposed to begin at 6:30! Oy. My own mistake, I always try to check the websites of the venues where I’m appearing, and if I had done that this time I would have seen very clearly, 6:30 – 8:30. I swear, sometimes I really wonder about myself…

We had a wonderful time. I have a general talk that I give about Combination Knitting and the lessons that knitting in general has taught me, which I change and alter depending on the reception of the group. On the politeness scale this group was a 10 – and on the enthusaism scale they were an 11! Thank you guys SO MUCH for your patience and your interest!

Today I teach 2 classes, then dinner with two of my favorite Chicago guys, Tom & Wayne, then tomorrow I teach 2 more classes and fly home to see my favorite Jersey guys, Max & Gerry, and my absolutely all time favorite Jersey Girl, Hannah Brooklyn! I have seldom been so excited to be home with my kids and Gerry.

When Gerry and I were engaged, a few months before we were married, I was in Daytona Beach working at a summer theater. We had only known each other for 6 months or so, we were getting married in 2 months, and I couldn’t stand that I wouldn’t see him for 3 weeks. So we paid for an expensive ticket for him to come down and spend a weekend. I always think of that when I miss him – is it Daytona Level? And I think of that when I hear about a young couple being split up for some reason, and how heart aching it is to be newly in love and be separated. It’s always hard, but I wasn’t prepared for how difficult those 3 weeks would be. And 3 weeks is pretty short.

Button, Button, I’ve got ALL the Buttons!
Tom acquired a huge stockpile of buttons which he was kind enough to share with a few of us – and I absolutely ADORE buttons. They make me happy, they make me smile. They are my little tiny bit of sunshine on a sweater. H
is generosity and kindness are so appreciated – THANK YOU TOM!

I’ll post some images of my favorites – right now I just want to toss them on the bed and roll around in them. Mmmmmm, buttons…

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