Da Bears – or, The Colts!

Note: I started writing this at the start of the Superbowl. I put it away for a few days, and I’m finishing up on Tuesday night, after packing up the house all day

I’m at Harry Caray’s at the Midway Airport, I just had a turkey burger and a beer and I’m surrounded by happy Bears fans watching the Super Bowl. So far da Bears are doing great – some guy just got knocked down but he’s up and walking around and – according to the commentator – seems to be okay. I think his name was Benson.

Apparently it’s raining down in Florida where the game’s being played. It’s very cold here – stupid cold. So cold that being outside for just a few minutes with no gloves could jeopardize my future knitting career. Did I mention that I came to Chicago with no coat? I bought one at the Timberland outlet out by Geneva, but it was a cold first night here…

CONGRATS to Indy – and especially to Karen, Char, Linda, Mollie & all the other little peppers in the Hoosier state. Someone asked me what my favorite movie was last week, and I could think of nothing. I realized this weekend that two of my favorite movies take place in Indiana and are both sports movies – and I’m not much of a sports person. I just love Breaking Away (it really hits home with me!) and of course I love Hoosiers.

This weekend I taught classes for the Windy City Knitting Guild, and what a wild bunch of women they turned out to be! Overall they were a very skilled, enthusiastic – VERY enthusiastic – and just so friendly and lovely. Everyone seemed so happy for me to be moving to Minnesota, and made me promise to come and visit Chicago. I will – it’s a great place!

Fast forward a few days – home late on Sunday, up and packing a bit on Monday (not as much as I should have) then waking in a fever dream on Tuesday at 4:30 to start packing like a maniac all day. Pack, pack, pack. My body is sore, but my legs, especially, are hurting. Hmmmmm.

I was trying to pick up something my last day in Chicago – I was getting a little feverish, the room where I taught was a trifle chilly (everything was chilly this past weekend in Chicago!) but I think I’ve pushed it off for a few more days.

We’re in a dilemma about the whole car thing. We’re going to get the pod packed tomorrow (4 strong men are coming) and then see how much remains. Each of us is keeping a suitcase of clothes and we’ll be living as if we’re on vacation for a week. The beds will be gone, the Han & Max will be ‘sleeping bag children’ (it’s like camping, kids…) and Gerry and I will share the airbed.

Our dilemma is – will we be able to fit all that we need to take with us in our two cars along with kids and animals? We have a few solutions we can consider: Renting a truck and towing one car behind it (very expensive), buying a new rooftop carrier for our other car (a roof rack is involved, but this may not be a bad investment…), Packing up and shipping the stuff via USPS (cheaper than the truck rental – but just a silly idea…) Anyone have any FABulous roof rack stuff-holders they really, really love and recommend?

Of course, then I run off to Rochester on Saturday for a few days, spending some time with the wild women at Wild Wools and also visiting the Rochester Knitting Guild (my first time there!) I’ll have a REAL bed with REAL room service. Life is funny. I am SO looking forward to Rochester – and I hope it stops snowing by the time I get up there…

Now I’m off to bed, wondering when the fever dreams will wake me up tomorrow morning. They’re taking our dryer tomorrow, so we’re doing a bunch of laundry tonight. I’m DEFINITELY leaving a bit of the packing for the moving guys, but I feel that at least I’ve weeded out the trash stuff so they can just have at it. I hope we have enough boxes… Gah, I am SO DARNED TIRED!

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