Annie's List

My own little list of things we need to find in St. Paul / Minneapolis

All of your suggestions are welcomePrivate emails are also fine.

I’d love to get your thoughts on some of the best places in the Twin Cities to…

– Find a Family Doctor
– Find a Dentist
– Find an Accupuncturist
(Gerry wants to try this – I say, why not!?)
– Find a Garbage company
(Lex & Grand area in St. Paul)
– Find a General Contractor
(bathroom addition)
– Get rid of moving debris
(local dump?)
– Find a good all-around Museum to join
(with best ongoing programs for kids)
– Find a good local bank
(with good customer service & no ridiculous fees)
– Find a good hair salon
(for Mom)
(for kids)
(for Gerry – Barber shop!)
– Find a good mechanic

Thanks! Don’t you love how I use my list for my own devious personal gratification?

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