If it's Tuesday…

My flight tomorrow is at 6:30, I have a 4:45 wake up call, but I can’t bring myself to sleep until I do a few things:

I MUST write about the wonderful students in my classes over the past two days! Plaid-blindness aside (it’s not you, it’s ME) they were SO wonderful, excited, and extremely hard working. It floors me how different each class is – how each region, each shop in a region – has such a unique personality. One is not necessarily better than another, it’s a chemistry thing (which is why some folks gravitate to one shop over another)

The chemistry this weekend here in Rochester was just phenomenal for me! Party On, Dude!

Thanks so much to Lucinda from Wild Wools and to ALL of her students who were so dilligent, funny, amused and amusing – THANK YOU! The fact that you were able to take my move off of my mind for a few days was an especial gift to me – thank you!

I must also THANK the Rochester Knitting Guild for having me as a speaker tonight. I showed up with Gerry’s good friend Mike (one of his old Rochester TV buddies) who was kind enough to take me to dinner and then sit through my presentation.

Many of the items that came out during the Show & Tell were absolutely exquisite (the Blue Shawl was stunning – I got to see it later up close, just wonderful!) Sharah was so kind to help us get the Mac talking to the slide projector, so I got to have my Romantic Hand Knits and Men Who Knit slide shows going behind me while I was talking.

The room was full – I seldom speak to such a large group – and they were SO attentive! We all laughed together – I got a little misty – I showed the same 15 sweaters 20 times before I realized that the slide show was looping (sorry!)

It was one of my better lectures, it was so enjoyable, and I was thrilled to show off my knitting and sign a bunch of books after the talk was over. Then home to the hotel, a too-brief visit with Mike, and now to bed so I can catch that early flight.

The third thing I have to do is apologize to Goldfinch Books in Maplewood & Westfield. They had VERY kindly agreed to have me do a book signing for them this weekend, but guess what? I’ll be in ST. PAUL! I feel like such a fool to not have caught this earlier – it’s entirely my fault!

The kicker is that my publicist from Sterling called today to say that I’m scheduled for a book signing at the Mall of America in Minneapolis (Bloomington) on Saturday at 4:00 pm, and another on Sunday at 1:00 pm. Geeze, I hope we make it to St. Paul by Friday, as planned…

Oy. And I hope Goldfinch Books can forgive me… I hate leaving on such a scattered note.

Tomorrow Gerry and the kids will meet me at the airport at 8:00 am, then we drop the kids at their school and head home to get the movers started. We have to get some mortgage stuff notarized, a timely visit to the bank to arrange the transfer of funds for our house purchase in MN, a stop by the pediatrician to pick up the kids’ innoculation records and then a final goodbye to the relo cube and a festival of throwing out stuff into the dumpster.

I can’t believe that this time tomorrow I’ll be spending my last night in the home I’ve grown to love so much.

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