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I’m sitting on the floor in what will be the upstairs office / media room / kids hangout area in our new house – and I’m ON THE INTERNETS!!! We have cable (we’ve never had cable) and I have a crazy, wacky feeling that I will NEVER be turning C-Span off. I feel an addiction coming on…

I took Atticus for a stroll around the neighborhood this morning, got tea and muffins at Wuollets for me and G (the kids have waffles – we bought a swanky toaster last night at Target…) and returned home to listen to Stephanie Miller on my local AA affiliate. No more live streaming of SM for me, baby!

The weather is above freezing, with promises for even warmer weather this week. Could life be any better? We dropped off over 50 lbs of dirty laundry yesterday at the Sel-Dale Laundry. They and had everything washed, folded, wrapped in bundles of plastic (all Max’s underwear together, Hannah’s jeans together, etc.) AND they put some of the stuff on hangers for us this morning. All for the bargain (bargain in NYC, that’s for sure) price of $1 per pound.

We’re on the hunt for a washer – we have a dryer (a nice one) but we need to get a washer. We looked this weekend, and will continue to look later today, but until then we have good ol’ Sel-Dale Laundry! Did you know there was such a thing as Laundromatfinder? As I was driving to pick up our laundry I was filled with such a feeling of well-being. The view of the state capital from Selby doesn’t hurt, either – it was quite beautiful this morning.

I feel certain that we will be quite happy here.

Both PODS arrived this morning – we have movers coming in about 15 minutes to unload them (I already did a good bit of pre-unloading, getting stuff stacked in piles of what will go to what room, etc.) and have thus earned myself an afternoon of knitting. Once the guys get here and it seems that Gerry has his white traffic directing gloves on, I may just sneak out for some quality knitting time at the local cafe.

Of course, that time would be made much MORE enjoyable with my new iPod – remember, the one that I bought after TNNA in Jan because I lost my first one there? It’s gone missing.

Back in NJ it was in a small white fabric box of Things-Which-Should-Not-Be-Packed along with a set of DVD’s for the car and some on-the-road stuff. The day of my packing meltdownreturn with me now, when I left and had lunch with a friend and left Gerry to deal with the packing for 2 hours – I discovered on my arrival back home that the small white box and the DVD’s had been packed and were SOMEWHERE in the POD. I was concerned, but I figured I’d find the white box when we got here.

I found the white box today – it has my digital camera, all of my camera accessories, all of the iPod accessories (connectors) but NO iPOD! I’m crushed. I felt like a profligate spendthrift buying a SECOND one, but could almost justify it by knowing how much more productive I am when I am able to listen to an audio book or podcast. I cannot justify a third one.

We’ve called the movers to see if anyone there has any knowledge of where it may be, and if they have insurance. Then we’ll check with our homeowners insurance from our house in NJ to see if this would have been covered. Then I’ll have to make a hard decision on whether I want to shell out another $170 for another ipod (a refurbish – never new!) Jeeze, I wish I would have it for my trip to Tampa this weekend – it makes all of the airline travel so much more pleasant.

As we were unpacking some of the stuff from the POD one of our neighbors came over and introduced herself – she seems wonderful and she has a step daughter who’s here about half the time and is a little older than Hannah (AND a redhead, too!) I’m crossing my fingers for a friendship to develop.

She told us that the folks we bought the home from actually live just a few blocks away. They bought their current home while living in this home, and then rented this one for a while before they put it on the market. That makes perfect sense – it’s a lovely home but there are details in the kitchen that seem ‘renterly’ It also reinforced how much the folks here love this neighborhood, which is always great to hear!

As far as first meetings with neighbors go, it was very good!

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