Sledding to St. Paul

Can I pick ’em, or can I pick ’em?

Last week about this time we were heaving a sign of relief that we got through the Pennsylvania Nor’easter in one piece (in two cars) Today as I sat watching the weather channel it dawned on me that the two places where I need to land, Dallas and St. Paul, are also the places where the weather is supposed to be the worst during the HUGE storm tomorrow. And I am supposed to be arriving in these two places right when the brunt of the storm m may be striking.

Flying out tonight wasn’t an option, no flights to be had, so the next best thing was to get the earliest darned flight tomorrow (NOT changing planes in Dallas) and get home to St. Paul as soon as I can

I’m hoping I can outrun the worst of the storm on Saturday afternoon.

Will my strategy pay off? Who knows.

I can honestly say I’d rather be stuck in North Carolina, though, than trapped in Dallas. But above all, I’d rather be home.

Gerry sounds like he’s dealing well – we’re having the last of the stuff unpacked today from the Relo cube and he arranged it in the garage so that we can fit a car in there. The other car can be parked in front of the garage so we’ll be off the street. A snowstorm can be fun, but only if you’re where you need to be…

If I get home tomorrow I’ll make snow ice cream with the kids. Now off to bed so I can get up at 4:00 am and trudge to the airport.

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