It was rough getting up at 4:00 for my flight – as a matter of fact I kept waking up every 40 minutes or so because I was afraid I’d oversleep. When I got to the airport the line was INSANE to go through security – I’ve never seen such a long line.

It’s the smaller airports that seem to go through the luggage with a fine toothed comb – the larger airports don’t seem as intent on discovering some agent of evil in every nail clipper and tube of neosporin.

I arrived at the airport more than a full hour before the flight – which, in the past year is just about when I usually get to the airport – but by the time I got through security they were announcing my name to check in at the gate and I RAN to make it. For the first time in years I found myself feeling ill on the plane – perhaps it was waking up so early – and I was very happy when we finally landed in Charlotte.

The second part of the flight was pretty uneventful. We had to go outside to board, and we left late, it was a tiny jet and I was in the absolute last row (by the bathroom) but I had an open seat next to me so I was able to nurse my nausea with a bottle of water and some pretzels and felt very good by the time we landed in Minneapolis. YES – I ARRIVED!!

It was kind of cool to fly into the twin cities and know that now it’s my HOME. I was able to tell Lake Harriet from Diamond Lake, and even pick out a few neighborhoods and discern the Minnehaha Parkway from my window.

But if I’d kept my scheduled itinerary, I wouldn’t have arrived in MN today at ALL!

My flight from Dallas was cancelled, I would be stuck in the DFW airport right now, singing the blues and waiting for a flight into MN.

So I celebrated by putting together Hannah’s bed and our bed (LOVE that IKEA furniture!)

Hannah actually has the bed that I bought for myself back in 1991, when the first IKEA in the US opened in NJ. That was back when the mattresses were in that odd European sizing, so now we can’t really find a mattress to fit the bed very well – but that’s the breaks! I love the fact that I have this great old bed from IKEA which has been taken apart and put back together about 10 times now.

Now we’re all settled in front of the TV, watching Back To The Future and I’m trying to make headway on the crochet project which is due in FOUR DAYS (help me…) It’s snowing like a maniac outside, Max is eating some sun chips and Gerry just made us some amazing chicken & brussles sprouts. Hannah’s playing a computer game, we have a buttload of unpacking to do, but I’m firmly planted on the sofa for the duration of the evening.

Yes, life is good!

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