Good Neighbors

Thank heavens for our neighbors.

We couldn’t get our snowplow started this morning – heaven knows I tried (I felt like I was going to black out at one point – lots of pulling, pulling, pulling on that damned cord…) So we walked down our neighbors freshly plowed sidewalk and asked them if we could borrow their plow to clear our small area of sidewalk. YES!

Our kind neighbor made the first cut down our sidewalk through the 2′ of snow, and after a brief lesson I finished the job and cleared off the area in front of our garage. Long live the snow blower. We REALLY have to get ours fixed.

I could tell that Gerry felt terrible that he couldn’t do more – he was in total agony tomorrow, his doctor visit is tomorrow and not a moment too soon!

Later in the day I finished off the area in front of the garage by hand, then moved our other car in front of the garage so it’s off the street. I’m not really 100% certain of the snow route rules, so we figure the best bet is to just get the car off the street if possible until it’s all clearer.

Apparently the kids have school tomorrow – should I be surprised that a little snow doesn’t stop the school system? – and tomorrow is also the day the knitting guild friends are coming by to help me unpack. I need to get a bit organized, but I think what I’d love for them to help me with would be separating all of my yarn into different storage containers for each yarn company. A tedious job, but a sort of fun one, and one that can be done sitting and in the living room. My knitting books all have to be put away, and the shelves placed into the shelf frame, but that’s a small part of the day.

Overall the kitchen, dining room and living room are in pretty good shape. We still need to buy dressers for our room and Max’s room, so much of our clothing still sits in boxes. The closet issue will also have to be dealt with – there just aren’t enough for us to have our clothes as we did in NJ, so we’ll have to do a lot more folding than we did before. I can’t help but feel that paring down is a very good thing, but it’s hard.

And now back to bed for – hopefully – another 2 hours of sleep. I was up at 3:30 with such aching legs; so much shoveling and carrying has it’s repercussions…

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