Warm in the Cold

After 22″ of snow in the past few days, the roads are a lot better than I would have thought. They REALLY do know how to deal with the white stuff up here in the Great Frozen North!

I’ve done a lot of shoveling and digging the car out, but when we looked out the door this morning we were SO thrilled that our kind, kind neighbor had plowed our sidewalk and walkway up to the door. THANK YOU!

The morning was devoted to some computer catching up, making airline reservations and shifting money from one account to another to cover credit card bills. I called Gerry’s doctor’s office and asked them to please prescribe him something for the pain, which they did, so I ran over and picked it up, did some grocery shopping, dropped off the prescription at the local CVS (where the Scunci is on sale for $29 – I’m so bummed that I bought a stupid old Shark yesterday at Target, I just don’t like it as much…) and after only 10 minutes the prescription was filled. Amazing.

Then 6 blocks down the street to the hardware store for some wood screws, then back 2 blocks to the restoration hardware for my favorite hand cream (No Crack in shore, I’ve been saving up this purchase for a day when I wanted to treat myself!) and home with my treasures. I practically SHOVED the pain pill down Gerry’s throat – I hope he can feel a little relief soon.

Hannah’s such a help – she met me at the door and carried in my groceries, did the dishes and is just in general so great to have around. Both kids are pulling their weight with the extra work.

Throughout the whole day, every interaction I had with folks was so pleasant, so great! It occurred to me that for 2 weeks now the erosive frustration of trying to foresee what idiotic thing is going to PO some clerk (so that they’d hold up an order or just heave and sigh with annoyance as they helped me) is missing in our lives here. Dealing with annoyed folks was just such a regular excercise in frustration in NJ.

Viva la pleasasnt Minnesotan!

Tomorrow I tackle the PAX system in our room – oh, and I’ll fix the bed that fell today…

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