I just got the final proofs for the Flip Knits in the mail – they’d been mis-sent to my old address so it took an extra two weeks to get them.


They’re SO much nicer than the original proofs (the ones I took to TNNA, which weren’t bad – but these are stellar!) and with the exception of one small glitch (the Knit cover and the Grandma Increase covers have been switched – a VERY easy fix in the bindery!) we’re ready to roll! HOO-AH!

It’s 11:00 and I’m taking a break. I was up early and tore open the PAX wardrobe system to dig out the instructions so I could read them over breakfast. After a walk with Atticus to Wuollets for muffins in the 15 degree morning, and a quick cup of tea, I settled into my job. The scenery, this morning, was stunning. Snow is lovely.

I had the 19″ wide frame almost fully assembled before Gerry got out of bed (I think he was just enjoying laying there listening to me grunt and swear – I’d rather have him rest his back anyway!) With some help from Max that frame was finished, and the second started. It took me about an hour each for the frames. The second 38″ wide frame was a bit harder, but I knew what I was doing. At one point everyone in the family was in the bedroom supporting some portion of the project (Gerry was supporting me) and we got the thing together.

Now the empty frames sit against the wall, looking for all the world like oversized coffins. I need to make the drawers and install the shelves and clothes rods and we’ll be ready to EMPTY THE FRIGGIN’ BOXES THAT ARE FILLING OUR BEDROOM! Huzzah.

Rudeness, or Rush?
I LOVE New Jersey. I do. Honest. As I re-read my last post I realized that folks may have the idea that I think it’s a state full of rude clerks.

Not at all – it’s just a very highly populated area. Folks are in a rush, the average person behind whatever counter has seen dozens and dozens of faces in a day (many of which are probably not so happy) and emotionally it’s draining to have contact with so many different energies.

Yes, I do think that a lot of clerks I’ve met in NJ could have been nicer, but often times I could have been nicer, too. And I think most of them had a pretty valid reason for being so overwhelmed that they couldn’t pull out the ‘have a nice day’ with the same ease folks in less populated areas might be able to.

I just want to make it clear that some of the kindest, most generous and most pleasant folks I’ve met in my life are living in NJ. I thoroughly enjoyed living in that state, but the feeling that I had to steele myself for any kind of town government exchange, or to deal with many stores, is such a stark contrast to my dealings (so far) with the St. Paul government, the school system, the local shops, the bank, etc.

I’m glad I got that off my chest.

It’s easy to damn the NY area as a place of rude folks, but I prefer to think of it as a place of rushed folks. When they take the time (when they HAVE the time) NY’ers are as pleasant and generous and kind as anyone else in the country. Some might argue that with the huge financial burden many carry, and all that is demanded from living in such a busy place, they’re actually more pleasant than other folks might be if dropped into the same situation.

I’m glad I got that out.

NJ, I will ALWAYS love you, ya big dope!

Cool Digs
The kids decided to build an igloo, Hannah devised a plan, Max “helped”, and now we have a half dug out snow pile in the front yard.
What the heck, it makes the neighbors smile…

Too bad Hannah didn’t see what was coming a few seconds after this was snapped. It’s payback for the ‘snow bath’ she and a friend gave Max last winter in NJ.

Now STOP IT, Max, you’ve had your revenge…

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