The Pax Is Up (long live the Pax)

I got the units both finished, with drawers and clothes racks, at aroundd 3:30. I put as much clothing as I could in Gerry’s, and started on mine, but just became so tired around 5:00 that I had to stop. Downstairs for a little TV (Cider House Rules was on – what a lovely movie!) and I took my tired old body off to bed early.

Little by little it’s seeming more like home, but today I realized as I was filling up my monthly pill holder that I have no idea where my drugs are! YIKES! I’ve been living off of my montly pre-sorted supply, just sort of figuring the big bottles of drugs would be where they’ve always been. Guess not. We’ll have some major unpacking today, I guess…

Max was up early with me, we took Atticus out for a walk, picked up muffins at Caribou and some kitchen stuff at CVS, did a little window shopping, then home for Meet The Press.

As I was walking around the neighborhood it stuck me that this area has – at least to me, in my vast 2 weeks of experience – a feeling not unlike Brooklyn Heights. I loved Brooklyn – living there was wonderful, and if we could have afforded it, we would have remained. But we were sort of priced out of it, and then – ironically – priced out of NJ, too. Hmmmm.

This week we’ll begin looking into congregations. The two front runners seem to be Mount Zion (nearby, kids could WALK to Hebrew School) and Shir Tikvah (farther away in Minneapolis, but it seems very much like our old beloved Brooklyn congregation) Today – Purim – there’s a Megillah reading at both temples and Purimspiels. We may visit both – or just the one nearby. It will feel good to be settled into a Jewish community again.

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