Flippin' Brilliant!

(yeah, so I’m shamelessly self promotional – well, it’s a damned good idea!)

I figured that flip books would be a common thing, but I’m discovering that a lot of folks have never played with them – so I wanted to make a little video to show how they work. Here it is if you’d like to see it.

Not bad for a little over 3 hours work! I was going to take the sound out, but I sort of like it in the background, so I left it in. I’m also taking the plunge and purchasing ad space in a few magazines and some online sites – it pays to advertise! It would be nice if it weren’t true, but sometimes word of mouth needs a gentle nudge. Given my budget, it’s pretty much a light tap on the shoulder.

Bones and Other Dense Things
This morning was the first time that all of us really felt like we were sinking into our new routine. The kids got up, got ready, fixed their breakfasts. Hannah checked her new watch and left for school on time, Max checked his new watch and told me when it was time to walk to the bus.

What a good feeling – to begin to be part of the routine. As soon as this cold snap ends at the end of the week we’ll take Atticus to get his Spring cut (we have sweaters if it gets cold again…) and get him a checkup at the local vet – his birthday is in April.

There is still SO much unpacking to be done, but it’s the kind of stuff that has to be done delicately – I can’t unpack it until I actually have a place to PUT it! I did put up a shelf unit in the bathroom, so now our shampoo has a home.

Gerry had a bone density scan this morning – I drove him because his back was really killing him. I never would have thought that my husband would have one before I did, but there it is. We’re getting spoiled by Minnesota. We showed up a bit early for the appointment, he filled out the forms, everyone was so nice, he was in and out much quicker than he’d expected, and we were done. Now we just wait for the results. Tomorrow is my turn with the MN health system, and I’m looking forward to it!

Back home, lots of pattern writing work, catching up on emails, working up a print ad for Flip Knits (to the right – que pense?) a trip to the Post Office, another trip to Ikea, and yet I still found time to make my pre-teen daughter’s life a living hell. My work here is done.

So tonight is Heroes – does anyone else think Mr. Nuclear looked like the Geico Caveman? Apparently ABC has a deal in the works to create a sitcom based on the caveman concept. They’re going to be living in Atlanta. I’m not kidding.

I’m forcing myself to knit on something that I like – something for ME or a gift item – at least an hour every evening. Gerry took one of his brand spaking new pain pills at lunch and seemed like a new man in the afternoon – yay!

The small things make life good.

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