Making It Work

Pam’s out, Eunny’s In

I think it’s a very cool choice, although I’m sorry to see Pam go…

It may be hard to remember how frightened folks were when Melanie left for greener, bookish pastures – and how exciting it was to see the change Pam brought – but I remember it well. I love what Pam’s done, I love working with Pam – heck, I just love Pam.

I feel very old.
Very, very, very old.
Maybe I’m just getting a cold,
or maybe I’m really, really old.

But obviously not TOO old to bust a rhyme.

Lord help me, I’m delirious. Must be the orange cold medicine. Let’s ask Sarah Silverman. (See? A youthful reference!)

So now a new editor to meet, with whom to develop a relationship, something I anticipate with both excitement and a little fear. I’m not exactly a designer that one considers dispassionately – folks either tend to love my work or hate it (which is fine, passion is the soul of knitting!)

But all day the unspoken thought has whispered through my brain, “What if the new editor hates my stuff?”

Continuing on our tour of the overtired, slightly insecure knit designer’s brain, on our left we see a pile of half thought out finishing elements. Too bad they couldn’t be used on SOME needy design… One our right we see the black hole of Tax deadlines – don’t get too close, you may get sucked into an entirely new dimension!

Back Procedure Scheduled
It’s amazing how quickly things can happen. Just last Thursday Gerry saw the Intervention Radiologist (it seemed that the room should have been filled with family and friends telling Gerry he had hit rock bottom and HAD to get the procedure), and the actual act is scheduled for this Wednesday morning.

I told Gerry we shouldn’t tell the kids exactly what it entails until after it’s over – it’s the kind of thing that Hannah will worry over and over in her mind – and after hearing about her distraction in school from her teacher today, she doesn’t NEED any new worries.

I’ll do the worrying for both of us, thankyouverymuch.

Oy. I only run through my worries like this when my energy level isn’t high enough to give myself a good, solid ‘snap out of it’ slap.


Or should I say, Sa – NAP!?
Big news – not quite as big as the IK news, but still big in my own little world – PROJECT RUNWAY WILL BE HOLDING THEIR CASTING CALL!

The closest call to me will be in Chicago on April 3rd (my brother’s birthday – a sign?) so I have a scant few weeks to get the sewing machine out and stitch like a madwoman. Maybe I can get the gown I knit for Ami last year…

Probably just as vital would be my portfolio – I have to go dust that off somewhere – or maybe I’ll do something high-techy like creating a nice glossy portfolio/brochure and have it printed at Cafepress or something… That might be a nice touch – and actually easier and quicker than trying to FIND all of my tearsheets and get them organized nicely in a folio format. Hmmmm – I may just be up all night…

Well, at any rate, wish me luck! I feel that after so many months of threatening to audition, it would be craven of me to back out now. Let’s see if I can actually get anything DONE, though…

It’s A Miracle!
Both my daughter and I practically share an eyeglass prescription – go figure. (She, however, does not need bifocals. Have I mentioned that I’m old?)

We found this out when Hannah kept missing writing down her homework and I lost my glasses again (AWOL for a week now), so off we both went to the eyeglass-mart today to get exams and pick out frames. It’s been over a year since my last exam, at any rate.

We should have our new specs in 2 weeks (and can I just say that mine are incredibly fashion-designer-esqe) Hannah’s not so keen on the idea of wearing them. I could tell she was slightly excited, pushing the, “I will NOT be caught DEAD in glasses!” riff a little too hard.

She liked 2 different pair, it was almost as cheap to get two as one, so I got both and we’ll lock one away for that day when she loses pair #1.

She is my daughter, after all…

Fini for Now
I just turned in the last of the crochet patterns I had to write, I’m sure there will be some follow up questions and additional artwork, but now I can devote myself to some book proposals I’ve been trying to work up – and maybe throw in a little knitting for me?

I was able to get in some solid hours on the long neglected Malabrigo Jacket over the weekend – it’s turning into better traveling knitting than I would have thought. It’s just so darned BIG! Once again, thanks to Linda at Yarnzilla for help with the huge color picking festival.

One side is warm tones, the other is cool. Which will be the front? Who knows… I’m knitting it as a tube with the sleeves coming off of it, I’ll decided which side looks better when I’m finished, steek the darned thing, add some placket-y treatment and then felt it. Long live the supersized washer at the laun-dro-mat.

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