I received such a nice surprise in the mail today that I cried.

Seriously – I opened it, saw it, and just wept.

Joe – thank you. I cannot say how much this gift touched me – it’s perfect. I love Amish boxes and we all know how much I love copper.

This is the absolutely perfect touch for our living room. Thank you, Joe!

The box was made by Andy Jackson of Harrisonburg, VA (lajax2 at verizon dot net)

It was a gift of Joe Z, On The Lamb Yarns, Staunton, VA (I’ll be there in November!)

Backing Up
So far Gerry says he feels no difference in his back. It’s only been a day, and they say that although some folks leap out of bed with no pain immediately, usually there’s about 3 days of relaxing that the muscles have to do in order to feel the release of pressure.

They also say that the procedure works about 70% of the time.

The doctor wanted to do the procedure by inserting a balloon into a vertebrae and then expanding it, but that wasn’t covered by the insurance, so he did the vertebroplasty procedure on both the affected verts. He also said that in about 50% of the cases the balloon doesn’t inflate as hoped and the difference in relief may not be measurable.

So we’re continuing on our wait-and-see attitude – waiting and seeing and hoping!

I didn’t get a heck of a lot done today – I picked up a lot of doggie poop, rearranged where we put our garbage outside – which made me insanely happy, funny how those small things mean a lot – I also finally unpacked the sewing machine. Guess what THAT’S for…

Yarnery Signing
Tomorrow the Yarnery on Grand Avenue (a nice walk from my home!) is having me for a book signing event! I’m so happy and flattered that they’re doing this – please do stop by if you’re in the area because I LOVE meeting the new St. Paul & Minneapolis knitters! They’re hosting Stephanie Pearl McFee in April – I hope I’m around! – I love to hear her speak!

Cut & ColorI had enough of the terrible hair and the wearing o’ the bandanas, so today I toddled down to the Aveda Institute (!) and had a nice student haircut and color. It was better than hoped, much better than I expected, and except for the fact that my stylist called Sigourney Weaver an “old time movie star” (!) it was a delightful experience.

Now I look better than I did before I went in. Who could ask for more?

I think my hair goes with my new Amish Box. Just look at the grain on the magnificent box, and how it goes with the woodwork in the house… I’m kvelling…

(oh, and the Land O Lakes box is supposed to be animated so you get a petite peep…)

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