I’ve been so consumed with finishing the mitered jacket that I didn’t even read email yesterday, let alone reply or blog… Bad on me.

I really SHOULD have, because I had the most enjoyable and welcoming evening on Friday at the Yarnery on Grand street!

I honestly can’t remember ever living THIS CLOSE to a yarn shop – and WHAt a yarn shop!

They made me feel like one of the family on Friday (better than one of the family – I didn’t have to do any dishes or bring food to the Welcome Party!) and I can’t thank the staff at The Yarnery enough for their kindness, for their care and thoughtfulness

And for the GIFTS that they showered on me!! I was absolutely GIDDY with delight walking home wearing my NEW felted mittens! (the pattern is for sale at the shop – I’ll find out more about it and post the details here on the blog)

I can’t remember when I’ve been given a hand knit pair of mittens – never? And they are appreciated, necessary and already dearly loved. And they match 2 of my shirts perfectly!

The Yarni yarn is soft, beautiful and SUPERWASH, the Sudoku book made Hannah scream (she LOVES sudoku, I’ll have to hide this…), the Blue Sky Guide is right up my alley and the Exploring the Twin Cities with Children seems to be about the best guide we could have received. And a map. LOVE the map!

Thank you so much! I’m only sorry that I was so tired I can’t seem to recall names (I’ll learn them, I promise – I’m SO darned bad with names! I remember colors of yarn, faces, patterns, even interesting details about each person – but no names…)

The Friday night knitting seems to be a regular occasion, so I’ll be there whenever I’m able and I’m in town (which will not be for the next 3 weeks – I’m leaving on Thurs for Madison, Cleveland and Chicago on the way home…)

Time Consuming
Oy, this mitered knitting thing is a time hog and it’s annoying me. But it’s soooo beautiful. Oh, I can’t stay made at you, mitered jacket!
Also, I’m not the biggest garter stitch fan – so much knitting, no purling (which I love) – and it just goes on FOREVER...

I usually don’t feel this way about a project, but I’ve set a deadline for myself of this weekend for this jacket – it’s just been hanging over my head for so long – so I’m pushing it. But it IS so darned soft and pretty…
I need to knit like the wind!

Back Redux
So far Gerry’s not feeling a lot of relief. A little – I can tell from his demeanor, from the way that he’s moving a bit easier and the fact that he’s just doing more. But when I ask him, he says that his back still feels about the same. I can tell he’s very disappointed – we’re both still waiting, but he was hopeful for a more immediate end to the pain.

This whole project runway dream may be coming at a bad time. I was talking with Gerry this week about not doing the audition because of his ongoing health concerns. He says to go ahead, audition, and if the absolute outside possibility comes true and we have to consider the maniac show schedule then we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. I’m grateful that he’s supportive – but the most important thing is family health.

Craig Is My Friend
For those of you who have followed my love affair with my chaise lounge and sofa set, they are now party of Landy History. After seeing how slowly Gerry’s back seems to want to heal, and realizing that not only are the pieces WAAAY too big for our living/dining room, but Gerry can’t sit on them, I took some photos of them and put them for sale up on Craig’s List.

Within an hour I had 5 folks interested, and by 5:00 money had changed hands and the items were sold. The new owners picked them up this morning.

They’re happy, and I’ll use the cash from the sale to buy a nice, firm chair for Gerry (we’ll bring in our loveseat from the front porch – we’re lousy with sofas!) and I’ll use the rest of the sale $ to buy some nice upholstery fabric and make slipcovers for the chair, loveseat and rocker. It will look like a million bucks!

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