Watchin' The Clothes Go 'Round

I’m at the laundromat – everyone’s having fun…

I’m felting the mitered jacket, and it is coming out beautifully! It’s actually not losing much wool at all, but I wanted to do it in a top loader (we just bought a front loader) and, to be honest, I needed to get away to clear my mind.

To further clear, cleanse and clarify, today I underwent a magnificent facial – I think it’s my first (at least my first since before I was married…) but it will NOT be my last. Yes, I had a student esthetetist (sp?) from Aveda do it, it was much cheaper than I thought it would be, and I am feeling peaceful and strangely sassy. Could it be the peppermint?

Here at Spin Cycle in St. Paul they have free Wi-Fi – how civilized for a laundry! There are some Somali women folding large pieces of very colorful fabric – beautiful weaves – and they’re shrouded form head to toe in similar fabrics so I guess this is their wardrobe.

I was just thinking of that the other day – what must it have been like when the world was such that most garments had 4 corners and you folded them to create your look. What we do now is both easier, and unnecessarily complicated. I’m into the simplification these days – black pants, grey or white shirt, simple shoes. All the better to accessorize, my dear…

Time to run some errands and head home!

Emmy Redux
I arrived home to find the Emmy Dress waiting for me – Thanks Ami! – and when I put it on the mannequin it looked as good as I remembered. It’s SO lightweight – much airier than I’d remembered (silk ribbon – lovely!)

I’m debating whether to bring a model with me to the audition, or just drag my mannequin. I don’t really know of anyone I could ask in Chicago, and I hate to make someone spend a whole day (hours at least) just waiting to be a clothes hanger. The dummy would be a bit cumbersome to carry, but it’s not terribly heavy. Clothing – especially knits – really NEED to be displayed on a body.

Felting Groovy
I did a little blocking on the felted jacket, stitched together a wacky collar shaping and tossed it in the dryer for a few more minutes. It’s still wet enough to be much heavier than it should be.

I’m going to let it dry on the mannequin. I’m not sure if I want to take it as my third piece, or if it’s just too odd… Knitters get it – but would non-knitters think it’s just a clunky, wacky, too-colorful shmata?

The steeking was fun – I stitched before I cut, I don’t have THAT much nerve. I need to figure a good closure for the jacket – something silver would be pretty – and I want to add cuffs to the sleeves to bell them out. Decisions, decisions…

After the felting the colors looked so much richer and more – blended (dur…) which was very appealing. I’m not NUTS about the green I chose for the edging – damn.

It’s going to take me some hard thinking to diagram the back neck treatment. In the photo the blue lines with the green line running between it is actually the shoulder seam, the diamond shapes with the golden tips pointing toward each other is the collar.

Number Three?
I bought fabric last October that I thought I’d work up as a pleated dress for this audition. A sheer, blue-ish, greenish, silverish, striped fabric with a nice drape. Tomorrow is my day to figure out exactly WHAT I’d like to do with it. I’d envisioned making a knitted bust/bodice for the dress, but I don’t want anyone to think that ALL I can do is knit. How vital is it to have one entirely, 100% sewn piece? I’m going to watch “Road To The Runwway” again – thank heavens for iTunes!

Running errands today felt good – mailing packages, making deposits, picking up stuff. It was good to be out. I’m trying to tie up loose ends before I leave on Thursday – with Gerry on restricted activity and the kids still settling in, I hate to be leaving town.

I’ve decided instead of leaving for a solid 2 weeks, I’ll return home between engagements for a quick 12-hour check-in with the husband and wacky redheads. What it costs me in travel time will be more than made up for in peace of mind!

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