Nervous, But Well Fed

I’m staying with two of my favorite guys, Tom & Wayne, here in the Chicago area as I prepare for Project Runway tomorrow.

I have a large suitcase packed with my mannequin (I rigged it up so I can hang it from the clothes rack in the interview area), my books, my portfolio, and my groovy shoes. I’ll wear my flats until it’s time to go into the room.

Driving down from St. Paul took me about 6 hours, and as soon as I walked in the door the guys had a MAGNIFICENT dinner of pork loin ready (Froelich Pesach!) and, after a much needed hot shower, I had a delicious dinner. Wayne’s going to give me the recipe for the broccoli salad that was OUT of this world. How can I NOT do well with such a wonderful in-town support group?

I finished the red corset I was making to wear, and it looked good, but also a little “Miss Kitty”, and that’s NOT the impression I want to give. So I’ll just wear the basic black skirt, white linen shirt (with cool green and blue embroidery) and they’ll have to be happy with that. I’ll look professional, just not wearing one of my own designs.

I have the Emmy Dress, the Egyptian Dress and the sewn Patina Dress. I’ll be showing up around 7:00, the call starts at 9:00. I know folks are probably already lining up for it, but I don’t want to be insane about when I get there. Arrgh.

Well, wish me luck, and a good hair day! I’ll be wearing Harrisville Wool Chenille yarn wound round my head like a turban (it sounds weird, but it looks amazing!)

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