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Waiting is crummy. Waiting for tests to be done on a family member, is even harder. Gerry has an appointment with a Hemotologist next Wednesday, other test to be done this week, but when the results of the tests done so far are considered we may be looking at this as a diagnosis.

Gerry’s so pale, he just feels like crap, and I can’t do anything to make it better. Well, actually, what I can do is work my butt off so that the mortgage is not a worry on top of all of this. Busy-ness is a mercy.

I sent out an email newsletter last night with two new patterns – and I’m working on making the Malabrigo Mitered Coat workable as a nice pattern (it’s a fun garment, but I want to make it more usable.)

And, of course, my mind is on NONE of this work stuff – but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have to be done! Thank heavens I have two big knitting projects to work on between the paperwork, taxes and general business nonesense. And thank heaven the kids are back in school next week – they like their day camp this week a lot, but we miss the regular routine of school.

I can tell that Gerry’s missing his friends and family right now. In NJ he had a few good guy friends who could come by and visit if he needed – and although I’m making lots of good friends, it’s hard for him to get out there and meet some fellow-travelers.

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