…and now back to our previously scheduled unpacking

I’ve promised myself that in the month of April I’ll take care of the most egregious full-box faux pas in the house (I still haven’t unpacked my short sleeved shirts, and have found myself buying shirts instead of facing the full boxes. Baad Annie.)

Actually, today I returned two of them and tomorrow I’ll return another one (good Annie!)

But we have to have the great festival of the unpacking soon so that I can empty out the basement. Will there be room for this stuff? WHERE???

I found an exquisite file cabinet at Target, it works SO beautifully with our home, and we really need it because we will need to have a ground floor, easily accessible file for medical stuff that we need to get to without searching through the ‘generational’ files we keep upstairs (7 years of bank stuff, previous job info, grad school stuff, years and years of kid’s drawings, etc.)

So now our organization game plan for dealing with this recovery process will be to have files and information we need AT HAND – as well as my own teaching/traveling info – where we’ll really be able to not just access it, but actually FILE IT AWAY when we get it so we know where it is!

I’m sure I’ve mentioned I’m a Virgo. This is how we deal with STUFF. Organize it. That always makes it better, right?

My dear, dear friend Ellyn – former college roommate and exquisitely beautiful person – sent me flowers to help me over the Project-Runway-doesn’t-love-me blues. Thanks Ellyn – you have NO idea how well-timed your gift was, and how appreciated.

And right at the same time I got a box from my friend Sue (you friggin’ derelict) who sent a couple of coats and a shirt from a movie she’s been working on which fit Hannah as though they were MADE for her. How thrilled am I that I hemmed and hawed about getting her a new winter coat..?

Not that getting things is the answer to everything, but what a lovely way to know I’m thought of on a day when I can’t get my own thoughts together. Today Gerry had another test, which wasn’t as unpleasant as we both feared, but he has GREAT pain from his hip and we both think there’s something going on there. We stopped on the way home at Mickey’s Diner down on 7th and had a nice breakfast – it’s been a long time since we’ve gone to a diner. I think it didn’t 100% agree with his stomach, though, so this evening was plain rice and peas.

Thank you so much for the lovely emails from so many of you – too many to mention – and if I haven’t emailed you back it’s simply because I’ve been running like a chicken with something cut off all day and haven’t been able to formulate my thoughts as clearly as I’d like. It seems that the biggest worry in our minds isn’t so much what may happen, but what HAS happened – how much damage has been sustained – and whether that can be addressed. It’s a scary, new kind of thing.

Dining Room Stuff
I also bought more curtains today – love IKEA! – and put them up. It’s amazing how much curtains – which I’d never been huge fan of – make a room look complete!
I’ll use the extra fabric that I cut off from the dining room curtains in the window seat cushions that I’m making.

I need to make new slipcovers for our sofa and armchair, so whatever fabric I find for that I’ll also incorporate into the window seat cushions to bring the whole look together. We really, REALLY want to get a nice, round, mission-esque looking dining room table, so I’m going to wait until the yard sales this spring and see if one just pops out at me. Life is what happens to you – well, you know…

Knitting Stuff
I’m working on a project for VK – I was sent an idea and I’m riffing on it. I’m very excited about it – it will be backless. That should make them run for the hills, eh?

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