Shabbat Shalom

Gerry’s bone scan was pretty quick – he asked for a wheelchair, and that’s not a usual thing, but I’m glad that he’s willing to accept the help. It was SO lovely here today – sunny and warmer – with a promise of even warmer weather this weekend.

No word on what they discovered in the scan, and we’re not scheduled to see the oncologist again until Friday (soonest we could get in, he’s a busy guy with a VERY full waiting room) so we wait. And I knit in waiting rooms and thrill and amaze the nurses. And Gerry suffers. And I go for drives so I can bawl without scaring the kids or depressing Gerry.

I took a drive to Uline here in St. Paul to pick up some new supplies (how cool that I can do that and not pay for shipping!) then off to the hardware store for some welding rings for my Vogue project. Oooh, that sounds either very scary, or very cool. Let’s just say that – once again – it will not be a design that folks consider dispassionately.

I spent a good part of the day chasing down $ from folks who owe me (never fun) and explaining why email is a very good thing for a business person (phone calls, while personal, can be interpreted however the hearer wants to interpret them – there’s nothing like the written word to force folks to clarify their expectations and reduce future tension) THAT was a frustration.

Ah, crap, everything is a frustration some days.

I let my Dutch side go nuts today and took all the storm windows down. I currently have about half of the screens up, the kids will help me do the rest of them tomorrow. These are the old fashioned kind, that swing from the top of the window outside the house and then lock in place with a little lever mechanism. Once I got the hang of it, it wasn’t hard (the hardest part was how HEAVY the windows are – that old glass is THICK!)

When I think of how – in other years – I have relied on Gerry to do stuff like this I’m a bit ashamed of my “helplessness”, and proud of my current ability to just GET DONE what needs to be done. I must be eating my powdermilk biscuits. A friend dropped off a book explaining how to open up a window to fix the sash rope, and I’m going to give it a good college try this weekend on two of our front windows (I bought the cutest little crowbar for the job along with the welding rings. The crowbar will NOT be in Vogue Knitting.)

Tomorrow I’ll shop for a shed – I’d like to find a nice looking one that will blend in with the house and our adorable garage (see the picture!), but I need a place to put these darned windows and I just can’t stand the thought of losing that much garage space! Besides, we’ll need a place to put the fine push-mower that we’re going to buy (we have a small yard – no need for a power mower.)

Hannah bought seeds while we were at the hardware store – Blue Delphinum and Cupid’s Dart. I have the original brown thumb, but my father’s mother was an amazing gardner, and Gerry’s mom keeps a lovely garden, so perhaps Hannah’s inherited some skill that passed me by?

Yep, if I keep all of this home-work up, it may become my new exercise regime!

I’m VERY late with a promised project for a dear, dear friend. I WILL make it tomorrow, and then send it FedEx so she’ll get it Monday. I will. I will. I promise! Tomorrow will be a good day to sit in the sun at the park and knit while the kids run amok & rollerblade.

When my mother visited me in Brooklyn we rented a wheelchair so we could show her the promenade and take her around the neighborhood. She fought it, hated the idea, but once she was in it she really enjoyed being able to ‘keep up’ with the young’uns.

I’d like to rent one for Gerry so that we can go to the park, or to the museum, and he can keep up with us and rest while we push him around. Everything is so painful for him, though – being pushed around may not be the most fun thing in the world for him. But I want him to see the kids discovering the twin cities this Spring. I may want too much.

I’m guilty of not going to temple at ALL since we’ve arrived here. Tonight I was going to take the kids to Shir Tikva, but I became so exhausted with all that had to be done today that I tossed in the towel and spent the evening working on designs and resting.

Next weekend – I promise – temple … At this rate the kids won’t be b’nai mitzvah’d until they’re 42.

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