Flipknits are here, and they’re beautiful [baby]!

I’m as proud as an – well, as an author looking at 10,000 copies of her new books!

When the driver from the shipping company dropped off the HUGE pallet of books, I told him that they were all books.

– You must really like to read, lady!

He was joking. He was actually really funny, and when I told him what I did for a living and what the books were, he asked where he could sign up to take a knitting class (this was after I mentioned Men Who Knit, and we bonded over our love of doggies)

I ripped open the plastic surrounding the pallet, cut through the straps and opened up a box of each type of book and – to my great relief – they were perfectly beautiful! The mix up noticed in the proof of the knit book pages glued to the increase book covers (and vice versa) had been fixed. The covers are lovely and the color clear, they’re beautiful books!

I sent out all of the individual orders and many of the wholesale orders – on Monday I’ll send out the rest, so those of you who pre-ordered (THANK you!) will be getting them in the next few days!

I donated a box of the books to the Minnesota Knitters Guild to hand out at the Yarnover tomorrow. I’ll also have complete sets to sell in my classes – but mainly I just want to get a bunch of them into the hands of knitters so I can see the flipping happening. I’m so easily amused. Maybe I’ll have all the knitters do the wave tomorrow…

Friend Time
My new friend Catherine came by this evening and was so helpful – what a gift it is to have someone stop by and lend a hand – she helped me get many 4-packs of books assembled and packed. THANK YOU!

Her son and Maxie have developed a great friendship – there aren’t words to describe how happy I am to see Max eagerly anticipate a playdate with his new buddy. She also took Hannah to try a synchronized swimming thingie, which I think Hannah enjoyed more than she admitted.

Although I do live in St. Paul, I couldn’t turn down 2 nights in a hotel for some rest and relaxation (and a whirlpool!) This is the “me time” that I’ve been pining for – and Gerry’s just 10 minutes away with the kidlets!

This evening Max & Hannah and their new buddy and Catherine and I went down to the pool (the kids swam, adults watched) and Hannah gave some of the new synchro moves a try. She’s not half bad, and I hope that she decides to give it a whirl. Swimming is such good exercise! And I was especially glad that – given how helpful the kids have been – I was able to give them a little swimming treat tonight!

Gerry’s stayed at home to rest, and for a bit of alone time himself.

Medical Stuff
Today we saw the oncologist and got the official diagnosis of Multiple Myeloma. He outlined a treatment plan for the next few months and started Gerry on Thalidomide & Dexamethasone right away. The next step is Zometa, an intravenous drip, which will reduce the calcium in his blood and thus help his energy, strength and – not least – his outlook. I am so proud of how he keeps his sense of humor – his joy – in the midsts of what must be a very scary time, not to mention uncomfortable and painful.

We heard from a good friend that he’ll be in town in 2 weeks for business and would love to visit. Gerry and I are BOTH so excited to see him – it will be very good for both of us, but especially for Gerry. It’s hard that he hasn’t had a chance to develop any male friendships, I can tell he misses that.

When Gerry’s strength improves and he’s feeling better, it will be time for high dose chemo and stem cell transplant (the cells would have been taken from him) I’m not sure how much I understand all of this myself . Gerry – one of the smartest folks I know – is a little foggy due to the pain meds and calcium in the blood. So I have to educate myself and get on top of it. Knowledge is power, and we have a lot to learn and think about.

It seems though, at this time, that we’re looking at about a year of this before we return to our regularly scheduled lives. And, as I said yesterday, a year is fathomable.

Just look at where I was a year ago tonight…

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