Like the Wind

I just had the best 15 minutes I’ve had in a long time.

Max and I rode our bikes over to a birthday party (after picking up a really cool gift around the corner at Creative Kidstuff) and the ride back, especially, was like a flashback to 1991. I love my bike. I’ll love it even more when we fix the cable to half of the gears (right now I’m locked in gears 5-10)

And by shopping around the corner, I was able to give Max a nice education in why – even though the Barraki warrior that he wants to buy is $1.50 more at CK – it’s cheaper than driving to Target. We spend less on gas, we get home with the gift a lot sooner and we support local merchants and keep our neighborhood vital and interesting. So it’s $1.50 well spent.

Even better than the bike ride was the joy on Max’s face as we were riding over. This is the first time we’ve ridden together – high time indeed!

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