The Last Picture Show

We’re finding in this voyage through cancer that one of the tricks seems to be retaining our sense of family – of doing the stuff that we like to do together.

We like to go out to a cheap dive-esque type of establishment every now and then, it’s fun for the kids and a chance to feel that we’re going OUT. We’re trying to raise them to be cheap dates.

We still go out – but we don’t sit in booths (too hard for Gerry to scoot in easily) and we time it so that we go when there’s no wait, we keep it very short, but it’s fun for us.

And – now we live right down the street from a Famous Dave’s (back in NJ one opened up near us, and I used to do mystery shopping there, which, come to think of it, was our family’s first introduction to the whole Minnesota Wild esthetic – how odd is that?)

When Gerry and the kids picked me up from Michigan last week we went out to the local FD’s and that’s when we used the C word to describe Gerry’s condition to the kids. Up until now it’s been, “Dad has a blood disease…” but now we spoke about it more seriously and honestly (now that we know a little more about the type of cancer he has) and the kids took it very well.

It’s good that they have Aunt Jan (breast cancer) and me (pre-cancerous ovarian tumor) as examples of folks who have come through different treatments and are here to tell about it. The special on Discovery last night was very informative – hard to watch at times, but informative. I loved seeing Elizabeth Edwards – I really admire her, and love her husband’s position on so many issues.

So far Gerry and I haven’t really reached out to the cancer community that’s here for us. Just getting through the days is hard enough, it seems there’s no time for extra stuff. When we work into a better schedule, we’ll be able to reach out to support groups more effectively. To be honest, Gerry hasn’t even really had a chance to get out and make connections with non-cancer folks in the Twin Cities yet. I sort of feel like a kind of a conduit to the ‘real world’ for Gerry – but a clogged & convoluted conduit at times.

What a shock this has all been – sometimes we just sit and catch our breath. Lots of emotions, lots of change, all at the same time. We’re pulling through, though – every day really is a gift.

Another thing that we love to do as a family is go to movies. It’s so much fun for us – and gives all of us fodder for our favorite game (we call it – cleverly – “The Game,” and we play it whenever we’re waiting in line or on a long car trip) It’s like 20 questions based around a book or movie we all know well.

But movie theaters won’t be happening for a while. Too much walking, too many people to wade through, and the seats tend to be very padded – which isn’t the most comfortable for Gerry right now. But this weekend we found a solution just a half hour away!

We went to see Spiderman 3 at a Drive In Theater!

It was Gerry & the kids’ first time at a Drive In (I can’t believe that – I feel like I practically lived in the one on Jackman Rd. in Toledo when I was a kid.) and we had a very good time!

We were a little late to get a good place – we were all the way in the back – but that was okay. It was very cool for the kids, they LOVED seeing the movie in the car (except Hannah forgot her glasses – oops!) and listening to the soundtrack on the radio was an extra kick.

A wonderful time was had by all.

Since we were all the way in the back, the big floodlights that they keep on for safety were shining in our back window. It actually wasn’t distracting at all – and it provided me with just enough light to work through some crochet stuff while sitting in the back seat (I let Hannah sit in front – just that much closer to the screen…)

I can see that we’ll be doing this again this summer – it’s so weird, though, to go to a Drive In and have to contend with all those SUV’s!

I finished a pretty major project this weekend – YAY! – and it will be seen at TNNA in a month. Now I have to write up the pattern so it’s available at my website when TNNA is over. I used Lorna’s Laces – really fun yarn – and had a BLAST! (I have to be more serious about my ban on Mohair, though, working with this is just hard on my lungs!)

I’m crocheting a little purse using Tilli Tomas’s new felting beaded yarn – and starting a swatching project using my favorite Artyarns in the nice, superwash stripe. My goal is to get it all finished for TNNA so I can drop the items off at the various yarn booths – I’m so grateful to these yarn companies for the continued support they lend me!

In my grand scheme, March was going to be the month when I marketed the Flip Books. Well, we all know what happened to March – and now I’m behind. Any marketing gurus out there with some great tips?

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