What a Difference A Day Makes

… we last left our Gerry at the hospital, waiting for his colonoscopy. Well, apparently a tube in the nose and keeping him overnight STILL wasn’t enough to – ahem – clean him out sufficiently.

So they kept him the rest of the day and gave him ANOTHER 4 liters of the tasty, refreshing golitely. Use it as a mixer, or just enjoy it on the rocks!

Gerry last summer at Mackinac Island, with a tube up his nose, and mowing the lawn today – tube-free!

Well, apparently the 48th time’s a charm!

He had the procedure, and everything looks good. Specifically, no polyps – née tumors – (woo!) and in an odd twist of fate, it seems the drugs he’s being given for the Multiple Myeloma are working wonders on his ulcerative colitis (aren’t you glad you’re reading this? )

If you’re suffering from this serious condition, rush right down to your local oncologist and ask for some Thalidimide and Dexi! Not.

And – thanks to the amazing friend Catherine – the kids were able to finally MAKE a tennis lesson (and C’s son got to sit in on the lesson, too!) while I went back to Minneapolis and picked up Gerry. THANK YOU CATHERINE (I still owe you for dinner…)

It felt SO good to have Gerry home – and he was glad to be here. This morning when we got up Gerry hit the ground running! I started staining the deck (something we’d planned last week while strolling through our favorite haunt, Menards) and when I ran out of stain he went and got me more. I didn’t want to stop him, because he really NEEDED to get out. It was a good outing for him, he stopped and got Chinese Food on the way home. He’s desperate for some good Chinese – any hints?

The deck seems to have come out nicely, staining the banisters took longer than the deck, though. Then Hannah and Gerry put together our new push lawn mower from ebay and mowed the lawn. We all did a little gardening (pulling weeds, raking, fighting over who got to push the new mower – Gerry lost) and then a little relaxing on our FRESHLY STAINED DECK!

Our Beautiful Deck at 9:30 am, at noon and at 5:30 pm
notice how the stain matches the door?

I know it seems absurd sometimes, the amount of stuff I’m trying to accomplish – but I feel it’s somehow necessary to make a very visual and physical investment in the future right now.

Knitting? Que? Didn’t get much of that done today. I was sort of recovering (in my own way – by working my butt off) from the tension and fear of the last two days. I am SO happy that Gerry’s as pretty inside as he is on the outside. But we have to fatten this guy up!

Tomorrow? We go to Shepherds Harvest (our first!), and we are SO psyched! Gerry will stay at home, I’ll take the kids. The bit of walking he did today just about did him in, but I think he really had to prove to himself that he’s in control after two days of feeling so incredibly frustrated!

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